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10 Signs You’re the First Parent in your Friendship Group

I’m lucky enough to have a great group of friends, most of whom I’ve known since the schoolyard. They’re smart, sassy, successful women and men. They’re the kind of people who keep me on my toes, are unwaveringly honest and loyal, and who openly claim to be ‘more hilarious than sexy’. In short, they’re everything I could hope to find in a friend.

There’s one thing I have that they don’t, though: A baby.

Here are ten signs I’ve picked up on of being the only parent – and the only person ready to parent – in your friendship group. This one’s for you, Pioneers!

  1. One of your friends asks you if your baby is crawling yet…when your baby is six weeks old.
  2. They literally offer no advice at all. Ever. Which is a breath of fresh air when even the stranger sitting next to you on the bus feels the need to chime in on your parenting.
  3. When you finally do crawl back out of your baby nest in search of a night out, they know all of the best new bars and restaurants. Thank goodness, because everywhere you used to go has either closed or is full of teenagers.
  4. You just can’t believe that they’re still bitching about the same crappy partners/jobs/apartments. I mean, you’re a parent now, you clearly have both newfound wisdom and bigger issues (or so you think).
  5. They say things like “I hope your husband is doing lots of night feedings!” despite knowing that you exclusively breastfeed. I’m still waiting for mine to start lactating whenever our baby cries…
  6. They genuinely celebrate every developmental milestone your baby hits, no matter how delayed, and they never point out that their baby has been doing x, y, or z for months now.
  7. Every Instagram photo they post captioned “Nails done!” or “Ready for tonight!” feels like a personal insult. Excuse me while I sit unshowered on the sofa on Saturday night because I don’t have the energy to move after my kid falls asleep.
  8. They don’t insist you sing ‘Old McDonald’ every five minutes. And, more importantly, they don’t sing ‘Old McDonald’ every five minutes. Even if they did, at least they would get the words right.
  9. You are constantly introduced as the parent. “This is Martina – she has a baby!” I also have, you know, a dog and a degree and a pretty killer book collection, but that’s okay.
  10. You know that they’ll come knocking at your door for advice the minute they find out they’re expecting. And you can’t wait to be there to help them through it all.

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