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10 Things I Learned in My First Year of Parenting

I’m still a relative newbie parent, I grant you, but this first year has taught me plenty of hard-earned lessons in parenthood. In honour of my daughter’s upcoming birthday, I thought I’d share some here for you. Veteran parents: I get you now. Upcoming parents: prepare yourselves – it’s a crazy, beautiful ride.

  1. You’re the worst looking person at your kid’s birthday party. Between running after a child and baking a Pinterest perfect cake, who has time for things like brushing hair?

  1. Every item of clothing you own has a stain on it. Every. Single. One.

  1. …and you put together outfits based on likelihood to incur stains throughout the day. White shirt for a day babysitting a friend’s toddler alongside your kid? Erm, maybe not.

  1. Eating a sandwich equates to basically just eating crusts. Seriously, who told kids that only the middle bit is worth eating? And who told you you could share my sandwich anyway?!

  1. You always sit on the backseat of the car, squeezed between car seats, because your littles can’t handle a car ride without Mom entertaining them the whole time.

  1. Children’s stories seep into real life conversations. “Oh man, I’ve eaten more junk today than the Very Hungry Caterpillar on Saturday.”

  1. If you ever get accepted to play Mastermind, the names of building site vehicles could easily be your specialist subject. Or animal sounds, just as long as they don’t ask what noise a giraffe makes.

  1. You’ve never played a musical instrument before, but you’ve developed a real talent playing the xylophone.

  1. Never has a toy felt as valuable as when it becomes your child’s favourite, and the thought of something happening to it sends shivers down your spine. Although, let’s face it, you’ve probably got three spare hiding in the cupboard, just in case.

  2. Despite all of the madness, you miss them as soon as they’re asleep. I know everyone says it, but it’s something that I, for one, didn’t believe was true until I found myself scrolling through photos of J after a gruelling bedtime and wishing she would wake up just for one more quick snuggle…

Ahh the first year of parenting. It’s been an adjustment – that’s for sure – but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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