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10 Things I’d Rather Do with $300 than Pay for a Week of Summer Camp

Everything for kids is SO damn expensive.

I know how lucky I am to work from home. So this summer when my daughter is out of school, I’ll be able to keep her with me. Figuring she may be a bit bored home all day, every day with me, I researched camp options to keep her busy and mix it up a bit.  But unless I plan on robbing a bank, missing summer bill payments, or eating mac and cheese every night, she’s just going to be a stay-at-home!

When did it become acceptable to ask for so much money for summer camp?!

I’m not talking for the entire summer. I’m talking about just one week. In my area, there are probably 20 different camps I’ve looked at for my daughter. Each of them is more ridiculous than the next. The kicker… they’re not even full day!

A week of camp to them:

Monday through Thursday
+ 9am – 2pm

“Your child will have SO much fun spending the ‘week’ (what a load of bullshit, learn what an actual ‘week’ means people!) making friends, playing games, doing crafts, and making lifelong memories. Be sure to pack a lunch and a snack for your child (because that $300 doesn’t cover meals). Camp also requires a $30 materials fee per week (because that $300 doesn’t cover popsicle sticks or construction paper either! And because we shop at the WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE CRAFT STORE it’s $30/kid/’week’ where you child will come home with tiny strips of paper they cut out and thirty cards their friends made them that they have to keep forever!)”

I do a lot for my kids and never want them to go without. But paying $300 for a “week” of summer fun? That’s crossing the line.

Know what I’d rather do with $300?

  1. Go to Target and reorganize the kids toys! Oh the fun I could have with $300 and fixing the chaos that has become their toy ridden rooms.
  2. Take them for a day to the amusement park. Would cost way less than $300 and they would have way more fun.
  3. Back to school shopping! New backpacks, new lunch boxes, new clothes, oh my!
  4. Rent a hotel room for a night and have a sleepover with the kids and friends. So fun!
  5. Donate $300 of books to a homeless shelter and show my kids how we can give back.
  6. Take the kids to see a movie every Friday afternoon all summer.
  7. Buy $300 worth of pool floaties for the backyard. Pizza slice floats, giant lemon slice floats, and the donut of course!
  8. Buy a small jungle gym for the backyard for the kiddos to climb all over.
  9. Throw a summer fun party for all our friends!
  10. Put $300 in the bank for college.

Sorry summer camps. You won’t be getting my hard earned cash this year!

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