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16 Things I Learned in 2016

This year ranks up there as one of the toughest and most challenging years of my life.  While there were many moments of joy and many things to be grateful for, overall it wasn’t pretty. The overwhelming feeling amongst most people I know was that 2016 couldn’t be over fast enough.

There have been life lessons, big changes, and epiphanies.  Here are 16 things that I learned in the shit-tastic year that was 2016:

  1. Let shit go.  There is absolutely no benefit to holding on to anger or regret.  It gets you nothing more than more stress that you don’t need.  People can be awful and sometimes we screw up (sometimes monumentally).  You cannot make people behave or be nice and you can’t unring a bell.  Move on.
  2. Focus on yourself.  When we have so many responsibilities that come with jobs, marriages, children, we sometimes forget about ourselves.  We put ourselves very last, if we take time for ourselves at all.  I always felt guilty taking time to get coffee by myself or getting a manicure.  Screw it.  It can be all about me sometimes.  It can be about you too.  And don’t feel guilty to take a moment for you.
  3. Learn to say no.  Seems like an easy one but often this proves to be the hardest for many.  Say no to birthday parties, play dates, and being overcommitted in general.
  4. Edit.  Your list of friends, your relationships.   If they don’t support and better you somehow, let them go.  If they make you feel “less than” or inferior they are not worth your time or attention.
  5. Tell mean people to Fuck Off more often.
  6. Focus on people.  Focus on your partner and kids and those most important to you and those that feed your soul.  Love those that are close to you.  Give them the your time and energy.  Show them that they are your priority and that they are important to you.  Tell them often how much you love them and how much them mean to you.
  7. Stop saying “I’m sorry” all of the time.  Unless you truly hurt someone or were immediately responsible for something, don’t say that you’re sorry.  Stop make excuses too.
  8. Enjoy the little things in life.  Cliche, I know.  But seriously.  Enjoy as many of the small things as possible.  The small moments are the ones that bring us the biggest joy.
  9. Tell mean people to Fuck Off more often.
  10. Give back more than you take – time, money, resources, love.
  11. Stop rushing.  Through everything – life, work, experiences.  Take in every moment.  Be there and be present.  Don’t have too many things on your plate at once.
  12. Take responsibility for your life.  It’s not your parents fault, it’s not your spouse’s fault.  It’s not the universe’s fault.  Your life, and the form it takes, is all up to you.
  13. Stop trying to be a perfectionist and control freak.  Life is not a Pinterest board.  It’s messy, crazy and usually far from perfect.  Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to check all of the boxes.
  14. Stop being so damn serious all of the time.  Laugh.
  15. Breathe, meditate, sip your coffee slowly.

Cheers to you for making it through 2016 and for trusting that 2017 will be a brighter, better year. Make it yours.  Make it your bitch.  Own it.  2017 is yours for the taking!

Happy New Years all!


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