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21 Day Self-Care Challange

On May 1st, I decided to challenge myself along with a handful of ladies to a 21-day self care challenge on Instagram (appropriately tagged #21daylovest). In this challenge, we had to think about ourselves daily and do something nice for ourselves. It could be in the form of reading, taking a bath, or painting our nails. Anything that provided us with the opportunity to stop what we were doing (which most likely was for others) and think about what we wanted to do in that moment for ourselves. Easy right?

The first couple of days, I thought it was a fun little challenge where I got to spoil myself. But towards the end of the first week, I started feeling guilty, selfish, and a bit undeserving of all the attention I was giving myself. I couldn’t believe how absurd that felt. Yes, I try to make it a habit to care of myself with trying to eat healthy and having good hygiene. However, this challenge actually made me take time out of my day, no matter how busy I got, to think of ways to “treat” myself with something nice. This little feat wasn’t as easy as I had anticipated.

There were a few days, I almost forgot to take a break and think about what I could do for myself. This self-care challenge actually made me more aware and thoughtful about my own being. One night, I got home late and was too tired to do anything, so I lit a candle while I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed. That little act of saying, “Hey, I remember about doing something nice for you, and this little gesture shows I’m still thinking of you” lifted my spirits after such a long rough day. I even considered buying dinner instead of making dinner a treat for myself because my daughter would much rather prefer a home cooked meal versus a purchased one. But for those 2 nights I bought dinner, I decided not to feel guilty while I quietly ate my meal.

As a mom to three ladies, it’s easy for me to pour myself into their needs and easily forget about my own which has happened plenty of times. But when I become so overwhelmed and forget to care for myself, I become a not so pleasant person to the ones around me, like my girls. Not only that, I can only guess that my girls are unconsciously looking to me as their example of a woman and how I treat myself as such.

Like I said, I felt selfish towards the end of the first week. But I had to persist and complete my challenge. I had a lot of internal pep talks about how I shouldn’t feel guilty to think of myself on a daily basis. It just didn’t feel natural until it did…and that’s when I realized I needed to let go of the guilt I had about caring for myself. I hope to continue this challenge again and to add a few more ladies who would like to join and support one another.  And for now, I will definitely be a lot more mindful of taking time out to practice self-care and self- love with a little treat here and there.

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