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About Suburban Misfit Mom

What is Suburban Misfit Mom ?

SMM is a content provider for progressive mothers who refuse to be compartmentalized or labeled. SMM is an icon for the mother who respects, explores and honors every part of her unique identity. SMM is a champion for the out-of-the-box mother who enjoys challenging social norms. SMM, our humor-based online magazine, explores trending issues in culture (psychology, motherhood, celebrity, spirituality), reflecting on how they affect women in all aspects of their lives.

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Who is Suburban Misfit Mom ?

Why, it’s all of you.  All of US.  A Suburban Misfit Mom (SMM) is every woman who has ever left the sophisticated confines of a city and professional life only to find herself roaming in the aisles of Target, cursing underneath her breath… Her broken sunglasses, sweatpants, and scent a warning to all those thinking of moving to the suburbs and attempting the impossible: Raise a family without breaking anyone.

This particular Suburban Misfit Mom found herself all alone in an idyllic town, with a pleasant life, yet feeling persistently lonely. Over the course of years, she forced herself to reach out to other women who shared their own overwhelm with all the big and little questions surrounding motherhood. But more than that, life itself. Because motherhood makes you think the darndest things!

So if you’ve ever found yourself feeling isolated even though swarms of people honk as drive by you in their suv’s and all you need to do is go to the local park or drugstore and smile and say hello but with everything you’ve got going on, even that seems impossible…Well then, this site is for you. If your current life can be best described as “a little sex but no city,” this site is for you. If you care about the softest sweatpants, as well as the meaning of life, this site is for you. If you agree with a lot of the experts, but see everything as both a little true and a little flawed, this site is for you.  If you’re trying to be a better person (for yourself or for your children) this site is for you.  If you know too much celebrity gossip for a woman with your little free time, this site it for you.  If you think there’s a lot more to life than renovating your kitchen, then this site is for you.  If you love and cherish your girlfriends, but most importantly, your inner girlfriend, then SMM is for you. We invite all of you SMM’s to share your thoughts – quirky, thoughtful, and unapologetically you.

SMM is for every mother who is straddling her old self and new self, since motherhood is a work in progress and identity cultivates over time.  All SMM’s have a need for expression. They are Passionate. Curious. Outside the box. Opinionated but open-minded.

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Suburban Misfit Mom’s Founder


From the time I was very little, I remember looking around and thinking: Something great is happening here.  I also wondered about Out There.  Today I am in essence the same person I was when I was 5, 10 and 14.  When I think about what makes me the happiest, it’s the same things that did when I was a child. If we could only rediscover ourselves as children, we’d be able to see ourselves without costume and pretense.  That is Soul.

I founded Suburban Misfit Mom as a voice for mothers who are curious and self-reflective. One part of motherhood that is especially challenging for us multi-dimensional women is the isolation. When we leave the city behind to embark on our suburban lifestyle, we also leaving a fair amount of savviness, stimulation, culture, diversity and edge along with it. Being a mother in the suburbs can be alienating when you need community the most.  Loneliness can be depressing, and connection is so important in keeping women grounded. It can also sometimes be hard to trust other moms in judgmental communities.  This is the reason why I chose to remain anonymous and let our writing speak for itself. I believe a community of SMM’s can and will find each other.

After I was done having children, I was interested in reading shorter items, and had less attention span. I was also losing my eyesight from reading books on my iPhone in the middle of the night.  When I did have the rare chance to roam the internet, I wanted to land somewhere that wasn’t too sassy or snarky or sweet (how many recipes for mac and cheese does one really need?) or unrelatable (women churning their own butter?) or frustrating (thank you Blake Lively, for your perfect belly bump.) Where were the REAL mothers like me?

Suburban Misfit Mom is for every mother who is straddling her old self and new self, since motherhood is a work in progress and identity cultivates over time.  All Suburban Misfit Moms have a need for expression, connection and community.  They are Passionate.  Curious.  Outside the box.  Opinionated but open-minded.

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