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Acceptance – Balance – Newness

The last few months of 2016 I was in a funk of sorts. Let me clarify… I’m not talking about a smell or a type of music; apparently there are multiple definitions of the word. The funk I’m referring to is a state of quasi-depression or a dejected mood. I felt off. My energy was low. I felt the need to stay low, hibernate, and be more in my head; like I needed to cocoon myself as if I was somehow transforming into something and getting ready to emerge.

2017 started off pretty much the same. Then I followed a mentor’s goal setting advice and really thought about what I wanted 2017 to be for me. How I wanted to show up and what I wanted to manifest. I came up with 2 guiding words, Acceptance and Balance. These two words would guide my 2017. Shortly after I added Newness as well. So what does all this mean?


Life has many ups and downs. If you’ve lived more than a couple of years on planet Earth, then you know what I mean. I decided that I would be more open and accepting to whatever 2017 has in store. I would accept my body as it is. Each and every day. I will love my body for its health and strength and for always being there for me. I will not hate my body because it’s a few pounds overweight. I’m not saying this is easy, but every day (when I remember) I thank my body. I know what she’s been through and she’s stronger because of it. And I thank her.

I accept people for who they are. Imagine how boring life would be if we were all the same! Diversity is a fact of life. Every single human on this planet is a unique individual. Even if you belong to the same group as another, you are uniquely you. You have different parents, different educational backgrounds, different tendencies, different definitions of spirituality, and different ancestral practices. You have different thoughts. Even if you are a twin – you are unique. You have different experiences throughout your life that shape who you are.

Acceptance for what is in this moment does not mean I give up. It means I’m at peace with what is. And I can move forward in a more conscious way.

The only constant in life is that everything changes. I am striving towards an unconditional acceptance of whatever life brings. I am open to all opportunities. Complete acceptance is not easy. Some may feel that it’s like giving up control. I choose to believe that unconditional acceptance brings a level of internal harmony into my life.


Balance is tricky. There’s a saying that you can only have so many balls up in the air, meaning you can only have so many priorities. So, I have to balance all my priorities. And there are a lot. To be clear, I’m not talking about work-life balance. I don’t believe that exists. Everything is integrated in life. I don’t stop working when I get home and I don’t stop being a person when I’m in the office.

For me, my number one priority is me. My health and overall well-being is always my number one priority. This is not selfish. This is necessary. If I am not well, then how can I be any good to anyone else?

Number two on my list is my husband and our relationship. He may not always think so, but there it is.

Then there is the book I’m writing, my full-time job, my health coaching business, my family, friends, home, finances, and on-and-on. When I have balance, I am not being pulled in different directions. I remember times when I was writing my book and feeling guilty that I wasn’t spending time with my husband. There have been times when I’m home sick, in bed, and I felt guilty that I wasn’t at work.

Working on balance means I get to be calm and grounded. It means I am present and in the moment – at whatever I happen to be doing. When I’m with my husband, I am 100% with him. When I’m at work, I am 100% there. When I’m interviewing someone for my book, I am with that person 100%.

This is a work in progress, of course. I am not really 100% anywhere at the moment. Even when I’m meditating, my mind still wanders. But I am improving. My balance is improving. The guilt is decreasing and I am more and more in the moment. It takes work. I have to plan more and reflect more, but it is totally worth it.


Newness came from a mentor and it has to do with circulating more energy into your day; new energy. Basically when you do things differently on a micro or macro level, it allows new energy into your life. This clears the channels and allows dormant energy to shift which in turn allows you to experience new energy and allows your channels of attraction to open up. When you are able to shift energy and open up channels, things that are waiting to manifest in your life will happen faster. It allows you to live in accordance with what is waiting for you, with a lot more ease. Make sense?

So for example, if you usually brush your teeth first thing in the morning change that up and do it after breakfast or in the shower. If you go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, change that to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If you’re sitting at your desk for more than an hour, get up and do ten jumping jacks. Sing in your car. Dance in the kitchen. Take a walk outside.

If you wear the same clothes over and over, stop. Pick something different. Do you always listen to the news on your morning commute? Try listening to a podcast or audio book. Do you begin your day with yoga? Go take a run around your neighborhood. Do you always go out to the same restaurant? Try something new! And see what new things happen. See what newness comes into your life.

Does something feel stagnant in your life? That’s where you want to circulate energy. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about routine and habits and rituals. But sometimes they need to wake up. Sometimes you need to wake up. Try to find which habits need new energy and focus there. You will feel a little more bliss. It’s like gifting yourself clear boundless energy. And you deserve it.

My words for 2017 are Acceptance, Balance and Newness. These words guide me every day. What are you doing differently today? This year? I would love to hear from you.


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