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Babies: What I Miss, And What I Don’t

Since I became a mother nearly eight years ago, I have heard people utter the phrase, “They grow up so fast,” roughly 4,982 times. I know this is a true statement, as I have witnessed how quickly time seems to go by, and how much my children have grown since they were babies. Although, I must note that during certain phases, like teething or potty-training, it didn’t seem to go by quickly at all while they were in the midst of it. So sometimes, they don’t “grow up so fast.” Sometimes, the growing up seems to take FOREVER!

In any case, now that my youngest child has turned six years old, it’s made me realize just how fast it really does go. When I look at her, I still think I see my little baby, but I know that she isn’t a baby at all. It’s a very strange phenomenon that is incredibly difficult to explain, but I’d be willing to bet that any Mom reading this who has watched her youngest child getting ready to finish Kindergarten understands it completely.

My emotions of late are like a ping-pong ball, going from thinking things like this:

To things like this:

I know what you’re probably thinking – “She’s getting baby fever!” Well, you wouldn’t be wrong; not entirely, anyway. I admit that lately I’ve been thinking about how easy having a baby seems compared to having two school-age children. That’s not to say I’m dying to have another baby, but it does make me want to find a way to go back in time just so I can scream at the me of eight years ago, “THIS IS THE EASY PART! ENJOY IT, YOU IDIOT!!”

But, just to be on the safe side, I’ve compiled a pro and con list of things about babies that I do miss, and things I most certainly do not miss, to ensure that I don’t come down with this so-called “baby fever.”

Things I Miss:

  1. They sleep – a lot.
  2. Their little smiles.
  3. Their ability to be completely engrossed by a ceiling fan.
  4. They don’t fight.
  5. They can’t talk (which means they can’t talk back).
  6. When they fall asleep all snuggled up on your chest.
  7. Baby belly laughs.
  8. A simple thing like a trip to the store wears them out.
  9. For the first few weeks, they don’t do anything.

Things I DON’T Miss:

  1. Incessant crying.
  2. Spit-up all over them.
  3. Spit-up all over me.
  4. The smell of spit-up.
  5. Pretty much everything involving spit-up.
  6. You have to do EVERYTHING for them.
  7. They poop right after you change their diaper. Every. Damn. Time.
  8. More crying.
  9. They can’t talk (which means they can’t tell you why they’re crying).
  10. They can’t get their own breakfast or snacks.
  11. For the first few weeks, they don’t do anything.
There you have it. The “Things I Don’t Miss” list wins! Although, I suppose four of the things on that list are basically just one thing, but I still think it counts. So while my “baby” stage of life is behind me, every stage is a new experience, and it’s always fun to watch your babies grow. I suppose I can wait a couple of decades for them to have their own babies, get my fix, and then laugh and laugh and laugh as I hand their babies back to them, and be on my merry way.

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