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Bad Moms: The Movie We Didn’t Know We Needed

I was so excited to see the movie Bad Moms when I first saw the trailer. I actually planned a party around it! Kristen Bell is one of my favorite actors and I could not wait to see what this movie was about. Trust me, it did not disappoint. In fact, Bad Moms is the movie we moms didn’t know we needed.

The theater was packed and the hard root beer I had chugged in the parking lot before the start of the movie kicked in gave my belly a really nice warm tingly feeling. I was out, without my kids, and with like-minded women – we needed some fun! From the moment the movie began throughout the entire thing, the lively audience of 99% women laughed, clapped, heckled, snorted, and even teared up.

The movie was a bit exaggerated, a little vulgar, and a tad unrealistic (at least I hope the parts about the PTA stuff was unrealistic because I couldn’t imagine that being real life for some parents!). However it was a lot funny and very heartwarming. I’m pretty sure my smile was permanent through the entire flick which is saying a lot. And trust me, after the day I had, it was much needed.

The premise of the movie is truly about moms who work so hard to make life perfect. It’s about moms who shuttle their kids to activity after activity, who volunteer at the school, moms who work, and many moms who judge other moms. It’s about all the pressure we moms feel pounding down on us on a daily basis until one mom decided enough was enough. The goal was not to literally be bad moms – leaving kids at home alone, forgetting them in hot cars, and all that crap. But really about letting go. Stop making life so perfect!

At one point in the movie (and no spoiler, I promise…), one of the moms is driving her daughter to Mandarin lessons. The girl is complaining how all the kids, including her, hate the class. The mom stops for a second and wonders why the hell her daughter is going to Mandarin lessons at all.

Now stop for a second. Think about all the activities you bring your children to. Are they necessary? If you ask your child if they have fun and love what they are doing, will they say yes? If not, time to make some changes!

Motherhood is hard, it’s messy, and most of the time it’s thankless. We all love our children and want what’s best for them. But life doesn’t have to be perfect. We can make mistakes and life will still go on. I’m lucky I already know this well because I’ve questioned myself time and time again. I beg you to go see this movie. Not just to have some fun (which it totally is fun!) but to remind yourself that being a bad mom occasionally is a good thing. In fact, sometimes you have to be a bad mom in order to be a good mom.

We moms really needed this movie.

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