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Candles : The Cure-All of The Suburbs

Though SMM is a woman who resists easy labels and neat boxes, she still wants to do the right thing. The appropriate thing. The lovely thing. When this SMM moved to the suburbs, she was clueless about what to bring to parties, events and dinners. But what she found is that for new places, faces and spaces, a candle is always the answer. So what is it about the candle? It’s so impersonal, it’s downright inoffensive. It’s so easy to wrap, you often don’t have to. And what kind of psychopath doesn’t like nice smells? Finally, when you use it as a symbolic totem of apology, as a recent friend did, the candle can act as the ultimate white flag of the suburbs, wafting its fig scent and letting bygones be bygones.

Here’s this SMM’s Ode to Candles

Bring a Candle
Don’t Know the Hostess?
Bring a Candle
Hostess Hates You?
Bring a Candle
Threw Up On her New Rug Last Year This Time?
Bring a Candle
Your Kid Punched Theirs (accidentally?)
Bring a Candle
Never Planning On Returning?
Bring a candle
Conveniently Forgot About Said Event?
Drop off a candle the next day and never look back

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