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Climbing Mount Motherhood…and trying to not tumble over the cliff’s edge

There are days where I feel like I am mountain climbing my way through parenthood.  I stumble, I sweat, the air feels significantly thinner and I am in danger of passing out.  Today is one of those day.  Yesterday was one of those days too.  Come to think of it lately I am having a lot of those days.  Motherhood is a marathon race where participants must learn to pace themselves so that they do not die!

Anyone who thinks otherwise…sorry we cannot be friends.

Currently I am hanging out “in the trenches” stage.  You know, the one where my row boat has a hole in the bottom and I am forever hoisting out the water.  The stage that feels like I am shoveling in a big ass snowstorm, yet never quite getting ahead of the mess, the meals and the whining.  For anyone who is about to tell me to just sit back, enjoy the ride and cherish the moments, please read my previous blog post entitled Dear Everyone…  No need to make me feel like a crap parent for spinning around as if I live in a constant tornado of screaming kids and broken toys.  I don’t need your assistance with forever feeling inadequate.  If you want to help me, come over with a bottle of wine and vacuum up some Legos.

No matter how fast I tear through this house dragging the world’s heaviest vacuum and a canister of Clorox Wipes, the house is never clean.  I can drink enough coffee to make a large horse’s heart explode and still not have the energy to keep up with the four little princesses that I am trying so hard to raise.

After I clean one room, another is torn apart.  I get out paint, the kids play for ten minutes and are on to play dough.  I make a meal…they are hungry for something else in seven minutes.  The laundry gets washed, dried, folded AND put away in a single day…there is a full basket waiting for me.  Screw laundry.  I detest that chore.  These kids can run around in their undies from now on.  I know my husband won’t care about this new rule.  His dream is to be able to lay around in his underwear anyways.  Your wish is granted hubs.

I am living the Greek myth Sisyphus every single day.  In fact from now on feel free to just call me Kris-y-phus. I am forever clawing my way up this mountain we call motherhood only to watch my hopes and dreams of being a super-mom come crashing back down.


I can’t stop and enjoy the mountain top views because I am desperately trying to keep this family going in a forward motion.  In fact as I am sitting down writing this piece I just remembered that the lawn is only halfway cut.


The twins haven’t napped and are currently running around their room destroying books and throwing articles of clothing all over.  When I release them in ten minutes their room will look like the aftermath of a kick ass frat party.

I wish I was at a frat party right now…

It’s nearing 3:30, meaning I have to pick the big kids up from school.  Here comes the flurry of snacks, sports and screaming as I start my shift as the family bus driver.  If my husband doesn’t get home by six thirty I will have to morph into two selves and be in two places at once…with four kids… right smack in the middle of dinnertime.

Lord have mercy.

Yet I continue to climb my mountain, from sun up, til sun down, never stopping…


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