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Dear Girl’s Clothing Manufacturers: I Am Begging You.

I know I am not the first mother-of-a-daughter to have this problem, but could someone please sell clothes for girls somewhere in between the range of Ariel and a street-walker?

My daughter is 5’2” and weighs 105 pounds. She is also 11-years-old. She cannot wear “children’s” sizes anymore.  My only choice is to take her to the disarmingly named “Juniors” section and try, through frustration, and sometimes tears (mine, not hers), to find her a pair of shorts that covers her ass cheeks or a two-piece bathing suit in which the bottoms cover the pubic bone.

And as I am fond of saying, I am not a prude. If you are 17 or 18-years-old and have the confidence to let your booty hang out of the hand towel you’re wearing over your whale spout, you go girl. You are at an age where being sexually active is not unreasonable, or illegal, and though I am not advocating that teenagers dress like sex workers, I did when I was your age, and I respect your right to do the same. Be careful out there.

No, I am talking about children. I do not want my 11-year-old to be dressed in a manner that attracts the attention of boys and men because she is dressed like a much older girl. Yet, my almost-tween should not have to choose between the humiliation of a Dora The Explorer tank top and being asked out on a date by a college student.

So, will somebody please sell age-appropriate, reasonably modest clothing for children who are not yet young women? You could call it the “I am a Child not a Whore” store.

You will have the undying gratitude of mothers everywhere.

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