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Death Of A Friend(ship) That Has Sailed

Three things I’ve learned about someone whom I thought was a “friend”…

1. Integrity means walking your talk, especially when it’s the most difficult or awkward to do.

2.  Courage means knowing yourself well enough to accept and embrace your insecurities and shortcomings as well as your strengths and risking that someone who could really matter to you will do the same!

3. Emotional responsibility means behaving with conscious intent concerning another’s well-being (not just yours), and respecting them enough to send CLEAR signals, not mixed ones.

This isn’t a lot to ask of someone and I’m tired of asking.  I’m tired of chasing and being let down. When a relationship is this exhausting, it’s time to step back and check why I’m still here.  Thank you for the time we’ve shared, and the knowledge I’ve gained.  Farewell my friend.

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