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(The above is an original Dirty Bird Crafts Design)

Today I DGAF*

*Don’t Give A F%&!

What scares you?  What is it that you really want to do but don’t because of self-doubt or anxiety about what everyone else will think about it and about you.  What won’t you do because you are worried about what people will say?

I’ve always been proactive, some might say aggressive, in some aspects of my life.  I’ve never cared about what anyone had to say if it involved taking care of my family or doing my job.  I did what needed to be done and could care less about the comments or opinions that followed.  That hasn’t necessarily been true with the personally fulfilling things I’m passionate about doing.   The things that would chip away at my own personal self-confidence if they were to be criticized.

I never wanted to have to answer the questions that I thought would come my way if I did what scared me – “Where did THIS come from?”  “What made you decide to do THIS?”  “Is THIS really who you are?”  “Why NOW?”  And to share it with everyone on Facebook or Instagram?  Social media makes it all too easy for someone to pick you apart and critique every aspect of what you do.   What if everyone thinks it’s a waste of time and I’m ridiculous for even trying.  What if they hate it and don’t get it?

So what if they do think those things?

To them I say I DGAF.  I DGAF about what people will think, say, or what their reactions will be.  I hope that they like what I do but if not, I DGAF because I love what I do and will continue to do it regardless of the opinions of others.  And by the way I DGAF if someone thinks DGAF is offensive.

I’ve done two things recently that previously I thought I would be crazy to try.  Two things that I’ve put off because I’ve been petrified to do them and because they are completely outside of my comfort zone. Two things that open me up to unwelcomed scrutiny, comment, and inevitable snarky criticism. I put them off because I DID GAF.  Putting myself out there exposes aspects of my life to the world that I usually keep guarded and private.

For some time I’ve wanted to create a crafting website and sell my creations on-line.  Nothing big, just an outlet for what I’m passionate about.  I spend every free moment crafting – Crochet, cross stitch, knitting – so why not make a business out of it.  It started with converting a hall closet into a “crafting space” because I didn’t have a room of my own to create and hold all of my supplies.  I spent a good amount of time (and just a little bit of money) to create this space.  My husband bought me a laptop so that I could work on the site.  That was the slight nudge I needed.  Now I would feel guilty if I didn’t try.  Then came the logo, the website, and the online store and learning how to create it and make it all work.   It’s been a slow process but with my husband cheering me on and serving as my on-call IT guy, I took the first step and recently introduced my site, for the first time, to the outside world.  Don’t like it?  Don’t get it?  Don’t think it’s good enough?  DGAF!

My second “thing” was accepting the opportunity to try my hand at writing.  I accepted the opportunity because the thought of it scared me to death.  What if I get rejected?  What if I have nothing relevant to contribute?  What if I really have nothing to say?  What if I’m boring or just not good at it?  I’ve never done it before so what if I crash and burn?  Can I share things that are personal about myself and my life and my family?  I sat down one day and wrote.  Scared out of my mind and full of self-doubt, I submitted my first work.

It was exhilarating just pushing the submit button and I was beyond excited when I was accepted as a contributor.

The day I found out my first piece would be published I was ecstatic.  Love it, hate it, pin it to your wall or print it out and crumple it into a ball and light it on fire – DGAF!  I did it!

At the end of the day, if you want to live a life worth living, you need to do what you want to do and what feeds your soul even if it scares you.  Simply put, DGAF about what other people think or say about what you love.  We need to live out loud and explore what we are passionate about and do what scares us, even if it comes with comment, criticism, or penalty.  Do that one thing you are scared to do and do it without the fear of being wrong.  What if it actually works out?

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