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Finding Happiness at Home

How do you find happiness right in your own home?  Stop looking to your kids for your happiness! Naturally, as moms, our world revolves around our families but the pressure of using our kids to create our happiness is unfair. Inevitably, it will lead to us blaming them for our unhappiness as well. All that noise in our heads will lead us to resentment if we continue to look to our kids for own happiness.

Resentment because we don’t have time to exercise or chat with a friend over a cup of coffee.

Resentment because we don’t have the spontaneity to get away for the weekend.

Resentment that we feel captive in our own home because we don’t have a moment to think peacefully.

Yes, we all have these thoughts.  But if we take the time each day to take care of ourselves then the resentment will dissipate. We all have the responsibilities of driving, cooking and nurturing our children but that doesn’t mean we have to put the rest of our lives on hold.

DO something for yourself daily so when you pick up the kids from school you have a smile on your face and have positive energy to give them. DON’T feel guilty about taking pleasure in something that doesn’t involve your kids. You have your own identity, independent of them.

The key to finding your happiness is re­messaging your role to yourself. Remember who you were before you had those children and bring a piece of her back. Good luck on your journey back to finding happiness at home and keep me posted!

Shirin Yadegar is a Los Angeles mom to four daughters and the CEO and Creator of www.lamommagazine.com

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