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Get Lost, Get Happy

Finding the time to get lost in something we love is critical to our happiness and well being. The tricky part is that it does get more challenging as you take on more responsibilities in life. Whether you’re a parent or not, every second of every day can easily get snatched up by your job, errands, people, and just necessary stuff that we all HAVE to do. Life can feel like one big chore sometimes, but that’s what makes it all the more important to carve time out and make something you’re deeply passionate about a mandatory part of your world.

I think it’s safe to say our day jobs don’t complete us. I can say with solid certainty that I am not defined by my job. It’s just one part of what I do in my life. In no way is it filling up the other parts of my inner being that need tending to. This is why my creative outlets are so critical for me.

I bet if we all had a penny for all the extra effort and energy we put into our day jobs versus the effort we put into the time for ourselves-we could all retire by the age of 50. 

I’m not talking about watching a movie by yourself or getting a haircut. Those are necessities that feel good when we can cross them off the to do list.  The thing I am referring to is the activity that practically lulls you into a state of blissful hypnotism.  Whatever it is that ignites something within you so much that it is hard to express how deeply you love it – just do it. I’m willing to bet that you’ve been putting yourself on the back burner for way too long.

It seems to me that more than ever people are not taking time for themselves. This has caused me to take notice of a negative trend that appears to be unfolding everywhere. There is this pattern of hi-fiving amongst a sea of angry people when they come across someone’s positive post. They say it’s annoying or obnoxious or that these happy people are rubbing something in someone’s face. I often hear how someone offended someone else because they were unknowningly having their life compared to. My thoughts when I read or hear this stuff is life is too short for all this negative energy.

Get happy by taking ownership of your life and doing something for yourself that you absolutely love. MAKE the time. Treat it with the serious attention that you would give a broken arm. You’ll stop comparing yourself to others and feeling angry when someone’s talking about something that made them feel good.  There are so many actual BAD things that are happening in the world. Someone’s happy conversation or post shouldn’t be riling you up. It would be a shame if the world started walking around feeling stifled about sharing something good in their life just to avoid the risk of hurting someone else’s feelings. And  if someone truly is being some kind of crazy obnoxious bragger, scroll over them or unfriend them if it’s bothering you that much. 
 If you’re one of these quick to judge, compare, or be angered,  you’re more than likely not tending to your own inner garden. 

It might sound like I’m preaching at you, but I’m really just sitting across from you eating my chips and salsa and telling you that I was in excuse land too.

Back in the day, I would go dancing quite often. Dancing is the love of my life (in line behind my husband and children of course). I get goosebumps, a really weird look on my face, and my brain goes to absolute la-la land once the DJ or dance teacher drops the beat.  This is my personal heaven to feel that beat flow through my limbs, hips, and soul. It’s like an out of body experience. 

When I became a parent, it got much harder to find that time to take a dance class or actually go out dancing and eventually it came to a complete stop. About a year and half after becoming a mom I realized how much I not only missed it, but craved it.  So I started a meetup group for adults that wanted to dance and even perform. And a few months later, there we were up on stage. It made me incredibly happy that I had committed and seen it through to the end.

I have come to realize that it’s not feasible for me to dance as often as I would like; so I take a dance class once every few months. Since every few months isn’t enough to satiate me, I have found other things that  I am very passionate about that I can do at home.  Writing and having an Etsy shop are these nuggets of pure joy for me. Now I am kicking myself for not having jumped on doing this stuff sooner! But I needed some kind of motivator…little did I know I was living WITH the motivator.

My husband nudged me right out of my “fun funk” without even knowing it. He’ll read this and be gloating about it the rest of my life now.  But in all seriousness, my husband is one of those people that decides he wants to do something and just does it. He commits to it and that’s it. I have always been so fascinated by this admirable quality of his. He wanted to play the double bass that he had played in college, so he joined a local symphony and picked it right back up-no big deal. He wanted to learn how to install our basement lighting on his own, so he YouTubed it and installed our lighting. He wanted to build a bench for the laundry room so he went to the hardware store and BAM..done. He loves the show Game of Thrones and decided to read the books. After he finished them, he decided to re-read them right after…yes…really. He wanted to learn Italian so he bought some discs, committed to listening to them everyday and can now speak Italian.  He said he always wanted an herb garden- and yep-it’s now in full bloom. I could go on and on. So one day I asked myself the question -why can’t I do that?

It took me watching someone else get lost in a variety of different cool things to inspire me to take action. We tend to get in our own way and let fear stop us.  So go on. Go get lost doing something you love and get ready for a tidal wave of happiness.

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