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Hiding Vegetables … Newest Mom Sin?

Food: isn’t it just the most ridiculous source of ‘mom guilt’? It starts from the moment your kids are born, with #breastisbest being thrown across social media, and snide comments about different brands of formula milk made at Mommy and Baby clubs.

Then your kid gets a little bit older, and judgement starts over which type of solid food you started your baby with, and whether it was in pureed or solid form. Do you give your babies sweets? How much fruit do they eat? Are their meals made from scratch using organic vegetables sourced from your own garden?
And now I’ve come across a new one: do you hide your children’s vegetables?
Honestly? Yes. Of course I do. Don’t you? I am yet to meet a toddler who is consistently happy to eat carrots and broccoli, and frankly I understand them. There are so many more exciting foods out there.
I hide vegetables wherever I possibly can: pasta sauces, curries, heck, I even buy things that look like pasta but are actually made from lentils and chickpeas. And do I feel guilty about it? Nope.
Look, I’m 25 years old. I know that beetroots are good for me. I do. But I can’t stand the sight of them after many torturous childhood meals where I was forced to eat them. Hidden in vegetable lasagnas however, beetroots are delicious and I love them. I am 25 years old and I successfully hide vegetables from myself. Why wouldn’t I use this method to sneak them into my toddler?
All this to say: hide the damn vegetables. Sneak them onto pizza if that’s what does it for your kid. Who cares! Did your kid get some healthy food inside them today? Great! High five! You have my full permission to feel like an awesome parent, and a vegetable ninja at that.

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