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How Motherhood changes when you move away from the City

The “American Dream”: owning a farmhouse with a wrap-around porch with several munchkins running around in it, a good paying job allowing for a humble lifestyle, and a puppy sitting in the kitchen watching the birds fly. Eventually, you grow up and quickly learn that the American dream is not real, but rather is a series of compromises, where you spend lots of time working so you can pay your mortgage. In fact the more little munchkins you have running around, the less there is of any type of “dreaming”. No day dreaming, no night dreaming- just no dreaming ever.

Oh the places you’ll go

On average the commuting time for US drivers is 25 minutes. For a rural mother the average “commuting” time will increase by around 100%. There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to rural commuting versus city commuting, however, what it essentially breaks down to for a working mom is more driving time, less sleeping time, less time to workout, and less time to make dinner for the family; thus making you the most busy yet unproductive mom EVER!

Child Labor

Although the driving time to get to nearby restaurants may take more time, living in a rural community provides access to more space. With more space generally means a lower cost of living expenses (particularly houses, and land), whereas centralized locations and larger cities tend to be some of the most expensive areas in the US to live. Let’s be honest, if you’re moving from the city to a rural community you have access to purchase land for less, access to fresh farmers markets daily, and/or have access to a communal gardening area.

So if you really want to cut down on driving time you can just become a part time farmer, and put those babies to work! Oh you don’t know how to farm?! Well I suggest finding some farmer friends in the next county, and tons and tons of gardening research.

Be prepared

If you do not plan to continue to commute, the selection of job availability and education become more limited by moving into more rural areas. This ultimately gives you fewer options, as we have seen above. Few options for driving, few options for shopping, few options for living the American Dream. If you’re originally from a more urban environment, you’re likely to go a little crazy initially. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


I would say the BIGGEST advantage of living in a rural community versus a city, is if there were to be a zombie apocalypse you’re more likely to survive as there are a) more gun owners b) more resources c) more distance for them to run

Whether it be due to a recent lay off, needing some space from neighbors, having another baby that just won’t fit in the downtown flat, or wanting to save money on a mortgage and food prices; living in a rural community comes with some great challenges. In fact, it’s been 5 years and I am STILL confused about why people do this on purpose.

What has saved me?

Amazon Prime

Stitch Fix








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