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How to look sexy in sweatpants…

Even some of the most fashion forward women will admit that somewhere deeply buried (but 100% accessible) in their dresser is a pair of her favorite sweatpants. What is it about these folded (let’s be honest—wadded), wrinkled, old, likely college sweatpants that makes them stick around? Is it the cozy factor? Is it the elastic waistband that is oh-so-forgiving? Whatever the reason may be for keeping them, we certainly know one thing, sweatpants don’t exactly scream SEXY. There’s not much about an over washed, baggy crotched pair of old sweatpants that says, “hey honey, come ravish me…(wink wink).”

Yet, we do it. We pull ‘em out after a long day of working or chasing our children. We slide them over our hips and feel an immediate sense of comfort. We rock an old t-shirt or tank, and a messy bun that is anything but runway sex-kitten… Yet this outfit is one of our faves. And so I ask you, on evenings where you are owning this look, are you sending a signal that sex is not in the future plans?

Screw that!

Here’s how to look sexy in your favorite sweatpants. (Warning: May result in actual sex.)

1. Smile. Yep, your smile really is your best asset. You could be covered mud, but if you are smiling, you are giving off energy that life is good and that you are happy, even if just for that moment. A smile sends a signal to your partner that you are feeling positive and it welcomes more positivity—like some good old hanky panky.

2. Be Kind. Words are powerful. And after a long, particularly stressful day, it’s very easy to say things out of frustration. A single comment or statement can be loaded and deeply hurt the person you say it to. You may not even realize it. Be thoughtful, take a deep breath and think before you speak. If a real issue is there and needs to be talked about, ask your partner when would be a good time to talk abut your concerns. Aggressive and angry is not sexy. Smart, sensitive, and thoughtful is.

3. Touch. This is one is particularly important. Sometimes couples mimic “ships passing in the night.” Between juggling the kids, work, and other responsibilities, it’s easier to go hours even days without really touching one another. Cozying up in your “cozies” together for your favorite Netflix episode, offering to give a simple shoulder rub, and even just a squeeze of the hand can do wonders for setting the mood for love.

4. Show confidence. We don’t need another Cosmopolitan survey to get this point into our silly heads. Men don’t really care that much about your makeup or your hair, especially when it comes to being intimate…. Really. Confidence isn’t about your eyeshadow. It’s about the look in your EYES, your body language, the way you move, that sense of confidence in who you are. This may not come easy if you aren’t truly feeling confident about your appearance, something many new moms experience post birth when “baby weight” is still hanging around (a topic for another article). But here, in your sweatpants, show confidence in who you are and what you do, which is likely A LOT.

5. Have fun. Lastly, have fun at home. Dance. Laugh. Watch a funny movie or stand-up-routine together. Couples who can laugh together, even at some of the ridiculous things that occur in your household (even the things that cause fights), can sometimes be refreshing. Like how nuts is it that we let the laundry pile up? Or can you believe we haven’t had sex in a week when the act itself can be done in minutes. HILARIOUS. So laugh a little, together!

And so you see, your old and worn out sweatpants can actually be your sexiest lingerie… if you wear them correctly or even at all. Because it’s not really about your sweatpants is it?

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