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I Had to Ask Myself: Do I Hate Working Out?

As a fitness and wellness coach, you probably think I shouldn’t even be asking myself that question. What kind of person decides to coach others on working out…when they don’t even like working out themselves.

Well, not me. I’m asking for a friend. Sort of… Ok truth is, I didn’t like working out at first. I haven’t done any research nor did I take the time to Google – but if I’m giving my best guess here, I’d say most people DON’T like to workout. Of course if any of you are reading this, then you: professional bodybuilders, celebrity trainers, meatheats (sorry – is that offensive???), Olympians…you get the drift, y’all are all excluded. When I said most people, I guess I really meant the average person. Are any of your neighbors Olympians or professional bodybuilders? All right, moving on.

I think for those of us who work out, we do it because:

1)  We like the way it feels. Exercise releases endorphins, so although you might dread it before you start, odds are when you finish your workout, you won’t regret it. Maybe if you have the wrong form or you’re a beginner trying an advanced program then you might regret it. (Pssst, if that’s you – you’re probably in need of a coach. I may not seem like a great option at this point given that I’m basically admitting that I don’t really like to work out, but I promise just keep reading. If you’re someone who’s in need of a fitness coach and you make it to the end of this blog – you’ll be reaching out to me).

2) We like the way our bodies look. When you work out, you lose weight because you shed fat. Then, you tone muscles that were held captive underneath spaces where fat used to live.

But there’s more to it and we definitely understand those benefits beyond physical appearance.

3) When you’re active, you have more energy.

4) Your food is digested better!

5) You can sleep better – falling asleep faster and getting more “rest” while you’re sleeping!

You’ve probably guessed by now…that even though I started out not enjoying my workouts, I’ve reached a point that I’m now IN LOVE with working out and everything that has changed in my life because of that decision to start trying.

And exercise can be fun too! It’s not all push-ups and burpees… OK, let me just clarify here: I STILL AND PROBABLY ALWAYS WILL HATE BURPEES. The only difference is now I CAN DO THEM. Before I resented everything the burpee stood for because burpees are difficult and that was based on my own insecurity (“It’s too hard. I can’t do this.”). But, there are a lot of other ways to break a sweat. My favorite program, probably that I’ve ever done, has been Shaun T’s CIZE program. You get your Beyonce on, and even though it’s not a walk in the park, you burn a ton of calories! Imagine having a professional choreographer break down a dance routine to a trendy pop song right in your living room. Step by step, move by move. And once you have it all down, you do the routine, start to finish. That’s CIZE and it’s amazing. I lost almost 13 lbs in the first round, which took me 30 days to get through – and for anyone out there making excuses, you should know I was in a car accident about 3 weeks into my workouts, so that last 10 days of the program I was doing my routines with a wrapped ankle, wrist and limited range of motion in my shoulders. I still GOT IT DONE.

There’s all kinds of ways to make working out fun, especially for women! Pole classes and Zumba and aerial yoga….honestly, if you’re not working out, eating right, and taking care of yourself there’s only one reason: you haven’t realized what you’re sacrificing. It’s much bigger than being overweight, try being unhealthy. Try being unable to spend quality time with your kids, your family, because you don’t have the energy. Try missing out on precious moments because you have a totally treatable health condition that you could have avoided if you just got your ass off the couch!

So no, I don’t hate working out. I hate what NOT working out does to me. I hate what it teaches my children, who are learning more from what they see me do than what they hear me say. I hate hearing others make excuse after excuse for why their own health isn’t a priority. Yes, it’s easy to procrastinate, and yes, it is going to be hard. But what in life that is truly special and good…came easily? Didn’t take work? Don’t worry I’ll wait…..

Nike got it right. Just do it. Seriously. Your body will thank you, your children will thank you, everyone around you who loves and cares for you will thank you… and believe it or not, you’ll thank yourself.

(Thank you to our writer Frances Sacripanti for this inspiring image of her working out.  Brit Jones, writer of this article is busy working out at the moment!! )

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