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I Was Dumped for Trump

I was fixed up on a blind date with a man who I felt extremely connected to. He was handsome, tall, great big smile, funny, easy to talk to, intelligent, successful and kind. Our date, in my opinion, was amazing. I told my friend who set us up, “He could be the one.”

So when he didn’t call or text me the next day, I was pretty surprised. As the day went on, I started to question if I had imagined our night to be more than it was but I could not come up with anything.

Two mornings after our date he sent me a text:

“I’m sorry for the delayed communication. It took me a little while to digest all of which occurred on our date…. I never imagined I would find someone like you- smart, sexy, funny, intelligent and what is more unbelievable is that our opposing political views are going to stand in the way of any potential relationship we might have.”

After I removed my jaw from the floor, I said to myself, “Was I just dumped for Trump?” YES!!!!

How amazing that this election has changed the way people feel and communicate and relate to one another. I have friends who have lost friends because of their deep political views. I have seen those nasty facebook threads filled with “How can you…?” and “What’s wrong with you…?” Then the words of insults start. It is obvious that a contention and divide lives and breathes all around us.

Yes, I am ANTI-TRUMP and I’m not ashamed to say it. Regardless of how I feel about Clinton and her ability to lead, I believe Trump could very well be the worst leader in the country let alone the world. I’m informed, intelligent, was a political science major, and am the mother of young children.  I have a BRAIN. This piece is not about Trump, though. You can read anywhere else for that.

After looking back on our date… I realize that I didn’t just speak openly about my feelings on Trump, but I was emphatic and passionate about my views. That’s who I am. Did I stand up and deliver a speech to the entire restaurant? I think not. Did I hand my date a Clinton bumper sticker? Nope. But I did talk about how appalled I am at how far Trump has gotten and how scary I believe his base to be. I shared how I was scared for our future and for our children’s future.

And here’s the thing…. I did not know he was Pro-Trump. He never shared that. When I asked him about his political opinion, he was casual enough in his responses that I believed he didn’t feel strongly one way or another. One of my close friends told me after he texted me, “BTW, political conversation isn’t best on a first date, especially these days.” Oh really? Sorry, I must have left my 1920’s Etiquette Guide To Dating in the trash.

So now I am left with the feeling that I met this great man who I felt an instant connection with, who I thought would ask me out for date #2, who I thought was intelligent and kind and much to my surprise, he dumped me for Trump!  Here was his incredible follow-up in text:

“Your passion and commitment to your cause is admirable. However, it goes against everything I stand for, which is freedom to choose and express without feeling judged. I am not even political. I was raised to respect one’s beliefs, especially and even when they are opposed to mine.”

This is where I realized that there is more than a political issue here. What he said to me goes completely AGAINST what Trump stands for. Trump is a believer in “my way or the highway.” Does Trump “respect” one’s belief even if they are opposed to his own?? This date and I are actually believers in the same thing: “The freedom to choose.”

So while I’m disappointed that this man and I have no future because of the SAME reason (we both were taught to respect other’s opinions and be open to them without casting judgment), I am relieved as well because behind the excuse given is something more. This election isn’t about Democrats vs Republicans… it is about VALUES. My values are about making the world a safer and better place for our children. My values include having a leader of our country role model integrity, honor, intelligence, grace and love for the people all over the world.

I make no apologies for feeling passionate about this election when so much is at stake. If it means missing out on date #2 (which would have been so nice…) then so be it. My values are more important than a steak dinner and champagne with a handsome man.



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