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In a World Where Hard Work and Integrity Gets You Places

I want to live in a world where a strong work ethic and being good at what you do propel you in life. I want the movers and shakers in the business world to take notice of the ethical, hard-working, honest people and stop promoting and rewarding the liars, psychos, cheats, and lazy shlubs. It’s beginning to look a lot like stepping on people and being dishonest is the only way to get somewhere, and it’s igniting a fire in this belly.

Time after time I have seen heartless, wicked ass people climb the ladder. Yes, the very talented, smart, good people have climbed it too, but I’ve noticed these people seem to climb it at a much slower pace. Why is that? Do these people need to speak up more? Are their bosses sabotaging their advancement for their own personal gain? Are they too complacent when told, “Sorry, you are excellent at what you do, but the company just doesn’t have the funds right now to give you that raise or promotion you SO deserve. Just keep on truckin’ and you’ll be rewarded-someday”?

Sometimes when I see this happening to those I care for or even having these experiences myself, it makes me feel like dropping out of the rat race. On the really bad days, it makes we want to drop out of society. It feels so hopeless.  You’re that eager, determined little hamster in the wheel going round and round and nothing good is coming of it, except maybe a little exercise for the mind and body.

If you’re reading this and saying, “Get over it tootsie, life isn’t fair” that’s true to a certain extent. However, when it’s as rampant as this, something has GOT to change.

Let us band together and start a new social norm. The new social norm will be this: hard work and integrity are facets that will help you excel and be financially rewarded. 

Let us start a change in what’s accepted and what’s not in the business world. Which in my mind is land of the crazies based on all the stories from friends that have gone around and personal experiences I’ve had. It does also appear that outside of business land, hospitals have endless drama, love triangles, and conniving schemers (we all learned that from ER and Grey’s Anatomy).

Honestly, it would be nice to have a glimmer of hope that there can be a shift in this dog eat dog world.

In this new Utopian business world society, an email to your boss might look like this:

Dear Mr./Mrs. Doogood,

Thank you so much for being my mentor. It’s incredibly inspiring that you set up time once a month to teach me a life skill and school me on the insightful tidbits you learned while climbing the ranks that got you where you are today. I’d also like to take this time to show my gratitude for all those seminars on professional enrichment you’ve been pushing me to go to.  You’re so right, I need to take the time to learn more and feed the brain, my work can wait until tomorrow. Your corrective assertiveness with Sally was right on point when she called Jane a bitch for choosing to work over engaging in her gossip. I also still cannot believe Sally said she didn’t have time/it wasn’t her job/she flat out refused helping you with that huge assignment that won the company a couple million. I commend you for reporting her to HR for her insubordination. That behavior shouldn’t be tolerated, it brings our team down as a whole. Which reminds me, your presentation to get that new business was insanely impressive. I could tell you worked your tail off to get it looking so perfect. You really shouldn’t have made such a huge deal to my colleagues and the CEO on how much time we spent collaborating on it, but I know you’re helping to vouch for that future raise you want me to get so badly. You’re always pushing for us, you genuinely want us to succeed-I get it. Also, how was your daughter’s softball game? I love that you’re able to coach too. What a fantastic work/life balance we have here at Utopian Society Inc. On that note, I was able to sign up to be the chairperson for the Operation Feed the Hungry dinner for my son’s school since our company promotes extracurricular activities and allows us to flex our hours. Remember when Mabel reported us to HR for leaving two hours early because she didn’t know we were flexing to volunteer at a homeless shelter ? I almost forgot, HR found out through IT that she was surfing online all day and none of her work was being done. She was also making fun of people’s voices and conversations while they were on the phone and keeping track of how many widget projects she had compared to others and bullying them about it. Or remember that woman Erma? She refused to train anyone that was new and would invite everyone to lunch except that new employee? It’s so great that our company takes note of this bad behavior and reprimands it. It makes me want to stay here forever and continue to work really hard. You make me feel that way too. Thanks boss! Looking forward to our company outing next week at the Top of the Rock where Jimmy Fallon will be hosting our lip sync battle.

I know, I know, it’s far fetched to think that things could really be like this one day at a job.  That things could be fair and just and good. And have Jimmy Fallon at our disposal for the added cherry on top. Until then, I guess I’ll hop back on my hamster wheel and keep on truckin’.

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