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Kirtan, Nachos and Wine, OH MY!

Last week I attended a Kirtan (chant and response musical experience) at Yoga For Everybody in Fairfield. I enjoyed the time as soothing, energizing, peaceful, introspective, and simply beautiful. The harmony and vibration brought together community in a soulful way. There was a familiar feeling of freedom and fun that reminded me of singing Jewish songs at sleep away camp. A few of us like-hearted friends wanted to grab something to eat after and wandered into a local restaurant bar. One may visualize green juice, hot tea and an organic vegan meal after such a cleansing and a moving Kirtan experience. I love this scene and as a vegetarian it’s my go to. Yet, I was in the mood for a glass of wine and cheesy nachos. For a moment my mind began to judge and I tried to tell myself that was a ridiculous food and beverage choice. How could I put alcohol and cheesy nachos into my state of clarity and ease? I let that voice take up only an ounce of space, let it go and with a “so what”, and truly enjoyed my one glass of wine and cheesy nachos! Surrounded by authentic and loving people (who were drinking tea), I felt and experienced amazing conversation, joy and laughter. And, BALANCE within my spirituality and everyday suburban mom life. Can you be a spiritual yogi and indulge in nachos and wine? Yes, this awareness of balance is oozing into all of my life’s choices.

When I took a leap of faith and started by own business, Tree of Life Center, I knew I was moving away from a traditional work environment and taking a huge personal risk. Am I the spiritual yogi who only drinks tea and specializes in mindfulness and Reiki? Was there room for Beth the clinical therapist with years of experience with children and families? The answer is YES! There is space for all…this is my balance.

People continue to ask, “what’s my specialty and focus?” And I understand their need to gather information; this is all good! I have my 30-second elevator speech but inside my mind and my soul, I want to simply express, “I intend to support people on their path of awareness through various approaches.” However, external beliefs snuck in and sometimes I take on the belief that my broadened views and actions equals labels such as: not focused, not an expert, scattered. This is not the truth of who I am. Today, I embrace my holistic awareness and diverse approaches. I am guided and lead in many amazing directions and yearn to learn more ways to support clients. My perspective is so clear and rooted because I am certain and act from my true authentic self. I continue to see myself as a balanced professional with many “tools in my toolbox”.

Tree of Life Center is evolving and changing yet I remain rooted in my core values and intentions. The tattoo on my left wrist is my logo and its words and meaning are the essence of who I am and how I live my balanced life. “Live, Believe, Hope, Love, Goodness and Light” are the words that appear as branches on the tree of my tattoo. These words embody some of my core values and beliefs. As Thomas Moore so eloquently writes: I feel I am caring for my soul. The care of my soul guides me to serve each client in various ways. Whether it’s with an individual working through anxiety, depression or stress or a group of moms exploring how to create more balance in their lives, I create a space that allows them to trust and explore their authentic self. Sometimes it’s talking, playing, meditating, Reiki, strategizing, and many more modalities. They all serve a purpose as long as I work from my grounded, balanced and authentic self.

Again, where do I fit in? Which box do I check? Well, I check many and embrace it.  Of one things I am certain: as I explore my inner landscape, unattached to analysis and judgment, I move towards balance, awareness and compassion. I am more alive than ever before. I know who I am and I embrace it all: The balance of attending a Kirtan, eating nachos and serving my clients with various unique approaches.

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