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Becoming a stay-at-home dad wasn’t something I had planned, it just sort of happened. When my wife and I decided I would be the one to stay home with our children I floundered at first. I depended on microwavable foods. These foods are expensive and laden with additives. Even the vegetarian versions from boutique grocery stores have so many preservatives and are oozing with nitrates. I began to remember things about food. I began to cook and to make healthy meals.

I’m not saying I don’t feed my kids mac and cheese when I need something convenient that I know they’ll eat. I’m definitely not saying hot dogs don’t taste good. I’m not a vegetarian and I don’t subscribe to any Paleolithic diets. I’m just a dad trying to feed my children as healthily as time and money allow. But if you’re like me you just need to hear it… it’s okay to feed your kids crap from time to time. They’ll live. Eating nutritious foods high in fiber will counteract those exhausting days when you just can’t sling together something healthy. Carbs and nitrates aren’t good for every meal–but damn it–no one can blame you for eating a Costco hot dog.

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