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Life is Not What you Envisioned – It’s Better

An exercise we had to do when I was young was to visualise what sort of person we would be when we were 80yrs old.

I always thought this to be a bit silly – because even then I had no idea what was even going to happen tomorrow – let alone in 65yrs! But nevertheless I’d do the task at hand and picture myself as an energetic, fit old lady with long, grey hair and politically incorrect attitude.

Then there seemed to be a bit of a life redirection – it was as if I was no longer in charge of my dreams or my life – my ultimate vision had to be realized……and life was not going to stop until it happened.

The major turnaround happened when I was in my 20’s – I really wanted to travel and the advantage of being a Registered Nurse was that it could take me wherever I wanted and it would be an great addition to my ultimate vision. I had my ticket to worldwide freedom.

I finished nursing, got sidetracked and bought a motor bike (this was NOT in my picture) and decided to travel south and have a season in the snow – not nursing, just making beds and serving beer. It was there that I met my future husband and life as I envisioned it took an upside down, u-turn and then I became pregnant.

I decided that since I was here in motherhood I may as well have a whole heap of these littlies! And I did – 6 of them, all boys.

Fast forward to the present day.

My life did not happen the way I hoped it would …

  • My successful business changed, morphed, was revived with plans for expansion and then died
  • Wishes for my family constantly changed due to dealing with 6 different personalities and wants of their own
  • Dreams for a long and happy marriage were canned
  • The family home where I had dreamed the grandkids would come to play was sacrificed for my unknown future
  • Opportunities for travel did turn up and I had experiences I never thought possible.
  • I’ve managed to get through many emotional and physical hardships alone
  • The riches in my life have materialised in unexpected ways and taught me that money isn’t the only form of wealth.
  • When I think back on my life, the things I’ve come through and succeeded at have proven to me that nothing is as bad as it seems.
  • That feisty, fit and determined 80yr old woman is proving to be a possibility!

The spark of light and possibility I have had forever and was buried as time went by is still there. I just got caught up in others’ dramas, distracted by bright shiny possibilities and bright shiny people.

Life didn’t happen the way I thought it would; it morphs and has a life of its own. To respect that and move with it, embracing the challenges, hardships, joys, losses, loves and unexpected pleasures, is a must if we want it to be as wonderful as possible.

My life now is on such a journey of new people, opportunities, loves, disappointments, adventure, risks, determination and possibility, I wouldn’t swap it for anyone’s.

I had no idea how that vision of my future would impact my life and absolutely NO idea as to HOW it would happen ……….that old woman inside is champing at the bit.

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