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Life IS Simple – So What Happened?

When I was young I thought ‘life is simple’ – being practically an only child it was lonely and a little boring – but easy.

As I got older it was still simple. Go to school, be myself, embrace my imperfections and wonder where I fit in.

I entered the workforce at the age of 17 – Life was still pretty simple but added some little problems, guilts, responsibilities, health and family issues, relationships and a fair bit of confusion.

Then I got married……worked, had kids, was very responsible, extremely confused and found myself trying to ‘do the right thing’ to make things work constantly.

Life became cluttered with things, and with people, stuff other people would give me, with unfinished dreams and plans.

I became unhealthy, overworked, habitual in many ways, stressed and could easily eat a block of chocolate every night while staring at tv with a cup of sweet milky tea in my hand.

I wasn’t happy at all and knew I needed to change and it took a while but I managed to break the code – to break down the habits of a lifetime and leave my life open to new ways of thinking, eating, living, enjoying and feeling.

LIFE is SIMPLE was the tagline of my previous Bowen and Massage Business and this was my aim….. to help others to simplify their lives by understanding why it’s become so complicated to begin with and live a simple, uncomplicated life.

It’s what I’ve always done and am returning to..

So what is a Simple Life – It’s a life of getting rid of the extraneous things that are dragging us down.

  • The habits of a lifetime,
  • The food we eat without thinking,
  • The exercise we do because we’ve always done it,
  • The unhealthy relationships we sit inside
  • Putting up with ill health because ‘that’s what happens when we get older’.
  • Sitting in front of your computer/TV/daily paper and achieving…..nothing
  • Trawling through Social media
  • Buying new stuff, going to garage sales or looking for “specials”
  • Reading junk mail brochures
  • The ‘family traditions’ that are no longer necessary and are now just obligatory.


It’s time to change!

If you’d like to find your simple life …..the one thing that’s not blindingly obvious at first – but totally necessary is that..…..

Something has to go!

There is a really good reason to do this – and that’s to find your life again amidst the clutter you’ve created! How would it feel to be able to wake up again with enthusiasm, direction, a creative and happy mind? Finding your happy place after living a life of expectations is absolute bliss.

Here are some of the reasons to declutter your life:

  • Find clarity amidst your relationship whether a marriage or friends.
  • Lose weight because your diet and the habitual reasons you find you eat – will simply disappear
  • Have more energy due to exercising the way we want to not the way we think we have to
  • Opening up so much more time in your day by being productive and not staring blankly and clicking through a flashing screen.
  • Beating your ill health by confronting it with all honesty and a willingness to change – no matter what it takes
  • Less stuff means less cleaning – more room – more NEW opportunities and far less wanting new things.
  • You’ll have new interests and new friends
  • You can create NEW family traditions and feel free to drop them if you want to
  • You will become less attached to outcomes and more open to a life that flows

Decluttering your life entails far more than just moving a few items out of your home and putting some on Gumtree or Craigslist and taking a few bags to the op shop. Your life is far more than stuff, it’s also the people who are cluttering it, the habits that become clutter, and the thoughts also clutter our brains. Go ahead. Declutter your life.

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