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Magical Moments of Reality

On June 26th, I dropped my son off at sleep away camp in the Berkshires and 30 minutes later I was in a meeting at Kripalu for my first time as a Faculty Assistant. I continue to build my career around counseling, healing and leading workshops in various contexts with diverse modalities. I held the opportunity to assist for my yoga teacher as an honor and I wore the “faculty assistant” badge proudly! Assisting at Kripalu revealed insight, perspective and reality on a magical level: personally and professionally. My current inquiry is: how to integrate the magical reality I experienced at Kriplau into my everyday life?

The program’s focus was self-care and the women who attended were authentic, vulnerable and experienced transformation! Kripalu organically allows for opportunities of nourishment, exploration and healing. Holding space for others as they explored was priceless. I observed and witnessed their shift as they discovered the benefits of practicing a life towards the revolution of self- care and nourishment. Whether I was supporting the women in the workshop or taking personal reflection time, I kept coming back to one space of LOVE and divine. I observed this space of divinity on a morning run, walking in the labyrinth, practicing yoga, at meals, experiencing qoya, and sharing conversations with many like-hearted people. I embraced my role as faculty assistant and as an eternal student.

Throughout the week, I found myself in moments of clarity in an abstract way. Clarity revealed itself in the form of experiencing life as “infinite eternal and whole”. For example: while on a guided “mindful” walk I saw beauty and magic everywhere; bridges, tree roots, water droplets on leaves and much more. I was immersed in the feelings of being in nature on a heightened level. As I was completely present and able to quiet my mind, I went inward and experienced beautiful reality.

Here it is; by creating space through self-care and allowing the chatter of my mind to take a back seat, my true-self rises and I drive my life from a heart -centered space. This requires a lot of practice and training! From this awareness, I create and live with more clarity, more compassion, more love and more joy.

There is reality on both sides of the pendulum. The one when I feel peace, forgiveness, love and truth. And then there is the side when I experience frustration, anger, pain and disappointment. This is when I am required to dig deep with a lot of effort. The inquiry continues…how do I acknowledge all realities and integrate into my everyday life from a space of more compassion and love? This is my practice. Maybe it’s through my work as a therapist, yoga teacher, Reiki healer, Kripalu faculty assistant, friend or mom? For this moment, in my writing, I intend to share the messy, the pretty, the pain, the joy and all in between because that is my truth.

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