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Make The Bed – Saved by Sleepaway Camp

Hospital Corners!   My counselors at sleepaway camp taught me.  I brought my skill home at the ripe old age of 9 and that was it.

I now had to make my bed every day.  Every day!  Get the clothes off the bed and put them away, make the bed, put the bedspread atop my properly tucked blanket, reassemble the pillows and stuffed animals… DONE!  This became the necessary step to starting the day off and getting the “good girl” pat on the head as I sat down for my morning reward:  delicious breakfast made by my mom:  eggs, bacon, toast, milk, fruit.

But reality is, starting the day with a freshly made bed is actually good for you, your kids, for life.  There is deeper meaning behind this morning habit/pain in the ass activity.

  1.  Accomplished:  Visible evidence that something was done.  So when your child says, “leave me alone.  If I make my bed without you yelling, I can do other stuff without you climbing down my back!”  Or of course, the reverse, “if you would make your bed……”
  2. End of Day Haven:  When you are all done with a crazy hectic day, there is nothing better than getting into clean linens waiting to give you a nice hug for the night.  No chocolates on the pillow, but definitely fresh and ready for you.
  3. Unclutter Everywhere:  All the gurus say, unclutter your physical space and you have taken a giant step towards uncluttering your mind.  Fix for insomnia?  Indecision?  Focus on studies?
  4. God forbid….. I was always taught that before I leave the house, my life should be in order because God forbid I don’t come back…. fill in your own blanks.
  5. Cleanliness:  And this is what caused me to really write this piece.  I saw pictures of dust mites that get into your bed if you don’t make the bed, clean the sheets, and care for your home.  Sneezing, itching, allergic reactions?  Can’t stand dust mites.

OMG!!!!  Have you ever seen those suckers??  So thank you Camp PH for helping me learn to make my bed and save me from dust mites!!


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