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Moana: Take Your Kids!

The one constant source of entertainment in my life, and has been for years, are Disney movies. They never disappoint and transport you to a world of magic. Every time a new animated film comes out, I get very excited. When I go in to see the film for the first time, I’m so anxious. It’s the last time I’ll see the movie for the first time. Bittersweet.

I remember when Frozen came out and there wasn’t too much hype yet. I went into the theater with my daughter and husband and came out changed for the better. The story, the characters, the music – amazing. Many of you remember what happened after Frozen… yup I was one of the moms who spent $45 on a ripoff Elsa doll from China because it’s all my daughter wanted for her birthday and they were nowhere to be found!

Last year, I watched a video about this young girl in Hawaii who had won the spot as being the voice of Moana. That was the first I had heard about the movie and watching that young girl brought tears to my eyes. I knew Moana was going to be the next big one right away.

Last week, I saw a Moana doll and bought it for my daughter for Christmas (ahead of the game! Learned my lesson…). Then Thanksgiving weekend, I booked tickets to take her as a surprise. She had seen the trailer so when she heard the news, she was so excited. I asked her if she wanted to hear the music of the movie on the way there but she opted to be surprised during the film instead.

Moana is a story about a young girl, the daughter of a chief who is drawn to the ocean. She loves her people and sets out on a journey to help restore their world. The quintessential story lines are present – rebelling against her parents, funny sidekick, catchy songs, and loveable characters. But don’t let that dissuade you. It may a familiar outline but the details are the difference (including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who can sing!?!?)

The scenery imagined up is beautiful, the graphics and animation made me speechless, and the music, oh the music…! The amount of work put into this movie as per all their animated films is just incredible.

We’ve had the soundtrack on repeat since we’ve been home at the request of my daughter and okay by me of course. Hearing the music lifts you up. It’s cold and dreary where I live right now so hearing the island music of Moana always puts a smile on our faces.

I’ve got to hand it to Disney and all their creatives. Dreaming up films such as Moana and all the others we’ve been given over the years is such a blessing. I love experiencing the movie with my family, playing with the character toys, and singing and dancing to the music all over the house with my kiddos. Disney is a huge part of our lives whether you embrace it or not.

So if you were unsure about Moana, go, take your kids. This is not another Disney Princess movie. It’s not even comparable to Frozen. It is its own, unique story that will impact your children, boy or girl.

As we walked out of the theater, the first thing my daughter said to me was this: Moana was so brave, I want to be like her.

Thank you Disney for providing another role model for my child. It doesn’t matter if the hero is wearing a glittery gown and tiara, fighting bears, or outsmarting villains. It doesn’t matter if the hero is a girl or a boy. It doesn’t even matter if there is no romance or happily ever after. The characters my child is watching are making a positive impact in her life. So thank you, Disney, again.

Now go watch Moana with your kids and just try to not sing the songs all winter!

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