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Mommy 1.0 : My Upgraded Self

BING. Alert, there’s an upgrade for your operating system. It’s called Mommy 1.0. Everything will kind of look the same yet it will also be different. You will have many of the same functions and abilities, yet doing them will be a bit more complex. Some things won’t be the same as they were before…some things may disappear…. Eventually though, you’ll figure out the new upgrade, and you may even like it more than you ever imagined. This is the upgrade from YOU to MOM.

This analogy may seem a bit of a stretch but over the last few months this idea of “the old me” vs. “the new me” has really been on my mind. The “old” me of course being pre-mom and the “new” me being “MOM.” Allow me explain further. When your baby takes their first breath of life in the world, you take your first breath as a new Mom. Your system is suddenly rebooted and upgraded. Things feel different, sometimes overwhelmingly so. It’s not just learning about your new baby, it’s about understanding the new you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you lose all that you were before, but you change… you evolve, and it’s not always easy. Sometimes you’ll find yourself looking back wondering, “where did that girl go?”

The first few months of your upgrade to Mom will be tough. I’m not referring to your baby, I’m referring to you. You will see the world differently. You will immediately become fiercely protective. You will love much harder. You will sacrifice your own time, sleep, and self, to make sure that your new baby is healthy, happy, and thriving. You will have days of joy but also hard days… you will think back to how things like taking a nap, going to the gym, time with your spouse, and a girls night out was just so simple. Now, with Mommy 1.0, it’s complicated to do those things that the old you used to do without even thinking.

But I have some really great news for you. Just like anything else, in time, you will learn the new system. In fact, you’ll become quite skilled at it. Mommy 1.0 will eventually become the new normal. You will have adjusted to the new you as “Mom” and all that comes along with that enormous job. I’m not saying it will be easy, but you will be much more proficient. Your upgraded life will be more rich and the things you used to do for yourself, with your friends, or with your spouse will be incredibly more special. Meeting a friend for a spin class and dinner with uninterrupted conversation will be a real treat. An intimate night alone with your husband will be treasured, and time alone to drink your coffee and read a book will be slice of heaven.

You may look back from time to time and reminisce about your life and who you were before Mommy 1.0. But I can assure you that you’ll quickly be reminded of how your upgraded life has changed you for the better. It has forced you to grow, adapt, problem-solve, soothe, celebrate, and of course, LOVE more than you could have ever imagined.

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