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Not Everyone is “Hot Dog Worthy”

My sister was recently lucky enough to make a trip up to Buffalo.  It’s been around six years too long since I have ventured home to my “happy place”.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss it.  Well… except for the days when they are buried under like 50 tons of snow and it’s only October.  Having to get up an hour earlier so you have enough time to dig out your car from snow land hell is not my idea of fun.  I’m not what you would refer to as a big fan of “Manuel”… as in labor.  Add sliding all the way to work only to find you shoved two different shoes in your bag and it’s not surprising that I migrated down to the Deep South.

So, there is a standing rule in our family… if you go home for any reason… you must bring back hotdogs… lots and lots of hotdogs.  And I am not talking about your average run of the mill ballpark franks.  I am talking the glorious, mouthwatering, worth their weight in gold you can only get them in Buffalo hotdogs.  It doesn’t matter if you have to drive to every store in Western New York to get enough bags either.  My sister will totally agree as she recently found herself stalking four different store managers on her latest hotdog adventures.   She was victorious on her hotdog quest, bringing back roughly 30 – 3lb wonderful bags of Buffalo goodness.

Now, I know what you are thinking… with that many hotdogs… we should be in hotdog heaven…right?  Well… it doesn’t exactly work that way.  You see… we totally become hoarders of our hotdog stash.  Before we are willing to dish out our bun length bars of gold… we determine if the people or occasion are… how I can put this nicely… hotdog worthy.  It’s a very complicated process, too involved to explain really.

I was discussing my recent hotdog gold mine with a coworker of mine.  I could see on her face how excited she got just by hearing me talk about them.  She explained that both she and her husband are both connoisseurs of a good hotdog.  Now, that alone is not hotdog worthy… but, she did generously make my dad a big ole mess of turnip greens (something he has wanted to try for some time now) just a few short weeks ago… that tipped the scales to deem her completely worthy in my book.  That’s not to say, as I was placing each hotdog in the freezer bag for transporting… I was confirming to myself that they were going to a good home where they would be loved and appreciated.  My ex (also from Buffalo) managed to figure out that I was in fact in possession of our beloved dogs… he however, is not worthy… or of the hotdogs either.

I may love you and love your company.  I may even invite you over for a cookout.  Don’t be surprised if you find only burgers on the menu … it’s one thing to be invited over…  and it’s not personal but…. not everyone will be found “hotdog worthy”.

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