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NOT Sharing Photos of Melania Trump is the REAL Shaming

Great debate is raging on social media about the practice of sharing beautiful, professional, semi-nude photos of our next First Lady. To clarify, these are not stolen private photos. These are public, professional work that she has done as a model and they are widely available.

So, is sharing them – or looking at them – shaming her?  As a feminist, I believe that women have agency over their own bodies. I firmly support Melania’s right to have taken these photos and any others she chooses.  I am quite sure that she, and our President-elect, think they are beautiful. So, why do some people think they a bad thing?

The truth is they are not. If you find them shameful, then in protecting Melania, you are, in fact, shaming her. If you want to hide these beautiful photographs and say they are disrespectful to our soon-to-be First Lady, then you are the one who is disrespecting her.

Stop slut-shaming Melania by indicating that her life’s work is shameful! Be the advocate for women you want to be. Melania is a beautiful woman who has taken some beautiful pictures. That is not shameful.

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