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This is a sad day for Britain.

Last week, Britain voted to leave the EU, a decision fuelled largely by racism.

I am not going to write this post from a political or economical point of view – I will leave that for the experts.

No, I am writing this because I despair of living in a country which has been officially outed as racist.

And because I want it to be known that I, and many of my friends and family, do not condone the horrific hatred that has brought our country to this.

I have seen racism at work more and more in the months leading up to this campaign – people who were born and raised in this country have been targeted, hate mail sent and letters left outside their homes, telling them to leave.

People who were born here, raised their families here, paid their taxes here…how are they going to step outside their own front doors, knowing that they now live in a country which condones racism?

Children will hear their parents celebrating the fact that the ‘if it ain’t white it ain’t right’ camp got their way, and will go into school and repeat the lessons they have learnt at home.

Are we going to now turn a blind eye to racist attacks? Because how can the country that voted for hatred then quote the law that racism is wrong?

I have raised my children to be open minded and accepting of everyone, regardless of race, religion or sexuality. But now we are in the minority, and that scares me.

I cannot help but make comparisons to Hitler’s Germany – the millions of Jews killed simply because of their race. Is this how it started? And is that the journey our country is embarking on?

Anyone who knows me will know that I normally will not enter into debate about politics, but I feel so strongly about this that I cannot help but put it out there that I will never, ever, be a part of hatred. I am distraught that it has come to this.

Let me be clear though – for those who voted out because of economic reasons, because they did their research and cast their vote for the good of their family…I applaud you. But for those who were led by the poison in your blood, I am ashamed to share my nationality with you.

My only hope now is that the people who still see the good in people, who want to share their country with their fellow man instead of just their fellow Brits, who embrace different cultures and the richness that brings, will let their kindness and decency shine through even more than it did before, and hopefully raise the next generation to be nicer than the ones who have just destroyed our country.

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