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One Happy Divorce-Hold the Bulls#!t

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A happy EX-WIFE equals a happy life! Why does divorce have to be such a disaster? Based loosely on the relationship blog, The Truth Hurvitz, by Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub, ONE HAPPY DIVORCE, is an honest, raw look at how to be in a healthy, happy divorce. Funny, insightful and heartfelt…it’s a no-bullshit slice of reality for anyone in a relationship.

About the Book:

One Happy Divorce is a bold dose of reality coupled with sound advice for those divorcees who just want to keep things civil and “hold the BS.” Weintraub’s tone is spunky, irreverent, and at times, laugh-out-loud funny as she explores topics from nesting to single parenting to hosting Passover dinner as a newly- single mom. Through Weintraub’s heartfelt and honest stories, readers will gain an understanding of what a happy divorce can look like and how to make it work.

Weintraub started her dating and relationship blog, The Truth Hurvitz, after she and her husband separated. The blog became an overnight success, even garnering attention from an LA agency that approached her for a sitcom about her family. Her book, One Happy Divorce, soon followed. “After my divorce, I felt lost and alone,” says Weintraub. “But ironically enough, I always had one person by my side…my EX. I learned that divorced couples actually can be kind to each other, but it takes work. I got inspired to share my story on how to have a healthy, happy divorce. I thought it was important to spread my message: A happy marriage takes work; so does a happy divorce. You just have to check your egos at the door and put your kids first.”

Weintraub explains that her book isn’t a self-help on coping with divorce. “No ‘how to get over it’ or ‘man-hating’ allowed!” says Weintraub. “Divorce is difficult; a struggle. It takes work. This book is for the truth-seekers, those willing to jump into reality and hopefully learn from the mistakes I made along the way.”

Available now for PRE-ORDER on AMAZON and at WARREN PUBLISHING!

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