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Open Letter to Farrah and MTV

Dear Farrah,

Really??? So, let me get this straight…we’ve watched you, on camera no less, refer to both your DAUGHTER and MOTHER as “stupid” …you’ve consistently disrespected both your parents verbally…you’re condescending to every person you encounter including Simon, who you’d now like us to believe is a “negative person.”

Let me tell you something honey: you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t become completely negative by being around you. You treat people badly, and are a classic example of someone who can dish it out but can’t take it. You can jump all over a person and call them horrible names, interrupt them while speaking but heaven forbid they should utter a word or two that you don’t like; you respond in one of two ways – tears or verbal abuse.

To me, and I’m no doctor, you’re someone who is in constant misery. Even when you seem happy (which correct me if I’m wrong, but based on what is filmed is when you’re being lavished with material gifts), it’s so fleeting. Literally only lasts a few seconds before your smile fades and you’re back to spewing hate and negativity.

I didn’t understand MTV’s decision to cut you from the show before. If it had anything to do with the sex tape, then I just don’t agree. It was a choice that you made and I don’t think anyone has room to judge you for it and punishment by way of removal from the show seems harsh…. Now, if their decision was based on your ACTIONS toward others, then it makes complete sense that they wouldn’t want you associated with the Teen Mom brand.

Now, let me address you, MTV producers and show runners: yall should be ashamed of yourselves, valuing ratings over people. This girl is a walking, talking cry for help…no excuse me, she isn’t a girl. She’s now a fully grown 25-year old adult woman with a platform that reaches millions. I saw the episode of Teen Mom 2 when Jennelle yelled at her dogs…you made your stance clear: her behavior toward animals was unacceptable. You even shared resources for animal abuse hotlines and websites. What are you doing to take a stance about Farrah’s behavior toward PEOPLE?!?!?! Don’t you realize you’re her biggest enablers; I imagine she might spew nasty hate-filled words toward you, giving you the impression that she’s doing you a favor by appearing on your show….but she’s wrong. She needs you, MTV. And she needs more than what you’re giving her. Take a stand. Help her. You all have to have an inkling of an idea as to what damage she is doing to young viewers all over the country. Do the right thing.


A Very Fed-Up & Disappointed (perhaps Former) Fan

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