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Please Pause While at Your Memorial Day BBQ


What does Memorial Day represent to you? Our society’s attention is often on sales, BBQs and summer kick-offs. These are all true and for many people, their reality. There are many of us who know and feel the truest definition of Memorial Day. This is to honor soldiers who “made the ultimate sacrifice”. From the instant we laid eyes on each other Ben and I fell into a love that is beyond words. His tragic death coupled with my knowing that we are infinite eternal and whole continues to lead me on a journey that is always about love. Honoring Ben’s legacy results in me living my truest most authentic life. This honor and legacy shows up in many ways.

I was invited to an event in NYC where Ben is being honored today. The event is hosted by the agency he was working with and will be attended by his past colleagues, military and his mom and dad. Ben’s intention, after he returned from Afghanistan was to continue his service as a humanitarian, supporting those in need. I am also scheduled to teach my first “official” yoga class upon graduating from yoga teacher training. I have been on the wellness task force of a non-profit organization in Bridgeport, CT and as a result of my efforts, passion, and relationships, I was asked to teach yoga weekly for their staff and clients. The organization works with families affected by physical and sexual abuse and I am truly honored to support this community through the magic and practice of yoga. Deciding which place to be present was not an easy choice for me. By listening to my intuition, being aware and allowing all the thoughts, emotions and the voice telling me where I “should be“ to flow through, I reminded myself that I have the choice and either one is the right one. Either place I was physically present is where I would be representing me and that equates honoring Ben.


As Memorial Day approaches I ask you to please take at least a moment to pause and consider the men and women that are no longer here on this earth. While my life continues and I am at peace, I still honor Ben and our love everyday. While I will not be at the event honoring Ben, I am honoring him today, and everyday, by living an authentic life through compassion, love and service.

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