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Poser or Pilates Queen? Athleisure Confuses Me


I’ve got a question to pose to you…women who wear work out Fashion all day, every week…poser or pilates queen?I mean are you really wearing the stuff because you like it or because you live it?It’s so funny to me to see this becoming a thing in Fashion.I giggle about it because I am not a self-possessed gym rat…um the dead give away would be my thighs thank you very much…but I do play tennis.

I play tennis like my life depended on it.I play to win and I win hard.Which actually just means I sweat like a moth&*^f%er.When I get off the court I can not imagine walking straight into anything other than a hot shower.Not to be gross but I have to wring my socks out.The thought of shopping, meeting a friend for lunch or just coming into contact with the general public in my tennis gear grosses me out.After I play, I dutifully go home, shower and to be honest…can’t wait to slip on a pair of jeans and a clean sweater.The last thing I want to do is gallavant around town in my tennis clothes.I want my skin to BREATHE. I also prefer to look like I GOT DRESSED and not like I’m in a holding pattern.

NOW here’s the rub…

I am not living under a yoga mat.I UNDERSTAND that casual Fashion is taking us all in the direction of “performance style” or “athleisure.”I happen to love GapFit and Athleta. There’s no hypocrisy theory here. But I am not sold on exactly who’s doing what.

I recently had dinner with a good friend who happens to work in an upscale retail shop. So I decided to test my theory of poser vs. pilates queen with her since she is on the frontline of Fashion. I asked her if I was crazy? Is it just me who snarks under my breath…”yeah right…you’ve been working out like a mad woman. Even though your hair isn’t greasy and your make up looks fresh.” TBH I love being proven right. My friend’s response was equally as skeptical. She happily shared with me that she and her colleagues regularly question whether the Lulu Lemonheads who shop in her store actually worked out that morning.”Why does she not have pit stains on her performance wear?” “Where’s the smell?” “Why isn’t the make-up runny.” WAIT SHE’S WEARING MAKE-UP? LOL! Turns out we agree that some women just want to APPEAR as if they did. Ok, cool I get it.You do you.The difference between me and you is that I know I am a tennis player…no need to announce it.

All this polyester and spandex wearing reminds me of a time when I was growing up on Long Island where I witnessed the exact same trendy phenomenon.Except the fashion du jour was tennis wear.Women would flit around the chic towns of Roslyn, Great Neck or Woodbury in Filas, Ellesse, Lacoste and Sergio Tacchini warm up suits, tennis skits and matching sneakers.They enjoyed all the gear but none of the action.I knew quite a few ladies who never stepped foot on a tennis court.EVER. They had no interest in playing the sport…but lived to pose as if they did. Could this have been the athleisure trend in its infancy? GAME! SET! MATCH!

The problem for me here…is that this athleisure look is so damn cute.Who wouldn’t want to appear as if they had just finished cycling for 22 hours??Unless you are devoting your days to getting your sweat on, you just won’t look as good in the LOOK.It’s a freaking catch-22.

True to form there’s always a struggle between Fashion trends and me. But I promise you guys…I’m not sweating it.


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