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Post-Partum Hair Distress

Raise your hand if you know the feeling: you’re standing in the shower for the first time in maybe a week, finally enjoying a minute of peace and quiet, when you run your hand through your hair and pull half of it out in the process.

Are you with me?

Post-natal hair loss has to be the cruelest of jokes during the already exhausting newborn phase. Luckily, I can tell you from experience that it does get better! But for now, here are some of my favourite tips to help you through:

  • First of all, don’t panic. Breathe. Repeat after me: It will grow back. I know it doesn’t feel like it at this time, but it’s true!
  • I’ve heard that cutting bangs (a fringe) is a good way to hide fall-out around your hairline. I never did, but looking back at photos of mine and my husband’s matching bald patches, I’ll definitely consider it next time!
  • Using eyebrow gel to smooth back the shorter regrowth when tying your hair up has to be the weirdest and best tip ever! I use a gel that cost less than 2 euros, so it’s a budget-friendly tip as well.
  • Tie your hair back to prevent your baby from pulling out even more hair. I love a good youtube tutorial for quick and fun buns,  when you’re feeling like more variety.
  • Hats! Beanies, floppy sun hats, baseball caps…there’s a hat out there for everyone, and they’re the easiest solution there is for those balding days.
  • Learn a couple of quick tricks to make your hair look ‘done’ – and, more importantly, to make you feel a little more put together. Whether it be a quick braid, a new bun, or a fun way to clip it, anything you can do in a couple of minutes that makes you feel good is game.
  • Make the most of your efforts. If I wear braids one day, I’ll sleep in them and wake up to curls the next. Or I’ll sleep in a bun to keep the hair out of my face. Basically I sleep in almost all of my hairstyles.
  • If you feel like none of this is helping, don’t panic. Make the most of what you can work with. Put on an outfit you love, or a fun lipstick that makes you smile. Forget about your hair and just do you.

Above all else, don’t forget that it’s just hair. Enjoy your baby and this precious time together – your hair will figure itself out in the long run.

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