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Raising Your Kids with a Religious Foundation but Not a Specific Religion

I attended a private Catholic school when I was a young child, but only until the 3rd grade because my parents could no longer afford it.  Being raised Catholic I made all of my sacraments and went along with the religion as I was told.

I always had questions though. Questions with answers that didn’t always make sense. To this day I still have questions. I am not a person who likes to debate others, especially when it comes to religion. Everyone has a belief and some will downright fight you about what they believe. To me, it’s just not worth it.

As a mother now, obviously I have a decision to make with how I will raise my children and what religion, if any, I will expose them to. My husband, who was also raised Catholic, and I have often discussed this. Just like me, he too doubts and questions some of the beliefs, maybe even rules, of the Catholic religion.

There is no doubt in my mind that there is a God. And maybe he or she isn’t really a “God” but that’s what we refer to this entity. That is what most people refer to this “higher power.” I would classify myself as more of “spiritual” person than a “religious” one. I believe in spirits, I believe our souls never die, I believe in the “other side” – I have many beliefs. And maybe not even the conventional ones (because I believe in psychics too). I have an idea of who God is, but I do not believe in all that goes with specific religions.

We do not attend church regularly. We do not even practice Lent. While some strict Catholics would look down on me, I don’t care. I know what my relationship is with God, I know what I believe. Both of my daughters have been baptized and I will send both of them to catechism so they too can make their sacraments.

My husband and I feel like even though we aren’t “hard core” Catholics, we want our children to have a foundation, we want them to have a belief in God. We want them to have a relationship with who they envision God to be in their mind’s eye. We want them to learn right from wrong, we want them to have faith, and even prayer in their lives.

And when my girls are older if they choose a religion other than Catholicism, that’ll will be alright with us. Everyone should be allowed to explore other religions, to question their own, and to discover what may sit better with their own beliefs system.

We live in a society where the word “universe” is tossed around frequently, I use it myself very often. I believe in the law of attraction, the law of energy – because its science, it’s proven and logical. Some religions aren’t logical to me. Not everyone will agree. I struggle with some of the logic within the Catholic religion.

The most important thing I can expose my children to is a foundation for religion. Where it takes them is entirely up to them. Even at 37 years of age I am still questioning what I believe, but I know that God and the universe always have my back.

For me that is enough.

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