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Recovery Time Needed

I still think I’m 18.  I have multiple decades on 18.  And yet, I go out to exercise, party or participate like I can do it all.  A few years ago, I got caught up in the Cross Fit fervor.  I was at the rowing machine, the rope climb, the dumbell squat and tire flipping station with women who were talking about fertility while I was having menopausal hot flashes.  They gave me that look — “you’re awesome for someone as old as you!”

What they didn’t realize is I didn’t and don’t feel old at all…. except for the recovery time.

After a full month of tennis tournaments, taking 20 women to tennis camp (where we competed not only on the tennis courts but in the bars and disco), going to two weddings in different parts of the country, meeting friends and family till all hours of the night, and of course, working, I can finally say I’m tired.  I need a break.  The two o’clock in the morning after party followed by early morning brunch, travel and conference calls finally did me in.

Calgon…take me away!  Wait…some of you may be too young to even know what that means?!?

So how to balance the mental youth with the aging body? There probably is no great answer to that question. Some are bound to say everything in moderation to achieve daily balance. Exercise and develop a strong core. Eat healthy foods and keep your drinking to a minimum. Get enough sleep. Meditate. Mediterranean diet…. Juicing….You name it, the doctors and gurus have presented all the options.

I don’t want to pass up on all the wonderful opportunities life has to offer.  And when I get to “be in it”, I’m all in!

But I guess my balance comes from knowing when to say rest time.  But alas, just as I declared I needed to rest (I REALLY NEEDED TO REST!!) I got the call from one of my adult “babies” (our kids are always our babies). “I lost my car keys and you have the spare. I’ll love you forever, Mom!”  Of course, I got in the car after work and spent the hour in traffic to bring him the keys, have a really nice dinner with my boys, return home and climb into bed.

And that helps my soul recover….

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