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RIP David Bowie: What Is A Legend?

The term ‘musical legend’ is used all too often these days. It seems as though all an artist really has to do is release a few hit albums and there you have it, legendary status has been reached. Don’t get me wrong; I love singers like Adele, Sam Smith, Adam Lambert…but in my view, they have not yet reached legendary status, as wonderful as they are.

The world has gifted us some true legends though, people, or groups, that changed the face of popular music forever, who were’t afraid to branch out and show the world something new. Elvis, The Beatles, Queen, Michael Jackson…all legends in their own right with singers taken too soon. Now, sadly, we have lost another one.

David Bowie passed away after an eighteen month battle with cancer. It was a battle that seemingly the world new nothing about, meaning his passing has come as a massive shock to fans and the world’s media. In fact, Bowie released his most recent album, Blackstar, on Friday, January 8th, which was also Bowie’s 69th Birthday.

I have not seen a public outpouring of grief like this since Michael Jackson died. My Twitter and Facebook timelines are full of people at a loss for words, struggling to express heartbreak and disbelief. It was all anyone discussed at the school gates this morning. Like me, a lot of parents my age grew up listening to Bowie because their own parents were fans, and so his legendary sound was passed on, and appreciated by a new generation.

Bowie really did shape music. He was unabashed, unafraid, and liked to challenge people’s perceptions on just about everything. In a world that is constantly changing, Bowie changed his sound too but one thing always remained the same; the quality of his work. As Josh Groban said in his Facebook tribute: “He bent the rules, gender, genres, and our minds.”

Who can forget Ziggy Stardust, or Bowie’s epically creepy yet compelling turn as Jareth in Labyrinth? Some (like me) will also love his narration at the beginning of Raymond Brigg’s The Snowman for Channel 4 in the UK. How do you even begin to choose a favorite David Bowie song? There are far, far too many.

While his passing is incredibly sad, we can be thankful that Bowie changed the face of popular music, and inspired and delighted so many people. Rest in peace, David Bowie, you will be sorely missed.

Let’s take a look at just a few of his classics:

“Life on Mars”: Perhaps one of the best tracks to showcase Bowie’s vocals and instantly recognizable. A true classic.

Heroes”: An amazing song with inspiring and uplifting lyrics.

“Under Pressure”- With Freddie Mercury/ Queen: Two of the most distinctive voice in the world come together on an amazing track. What’s not to love?

“Starman”: Probably my personal favorite though it is incredibly hard to choose. This song was a huge part of my life and still one of my favorite songs to sing along to.


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