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Saying Goodbye When the Kids Go Off to Camp

With tears rolling down my face, I am begging my children never to leave me.  What could I possibly do without them for the whole summer?  I can’t imagine that their lives could possibly be worthwhile without the creature comforts of home, a good well-balanced meal, a housekeeper that takes care of their hygiene needs, air conditioning that keeps their rooms at just the right temperature and humidity levels.  A wonderful smile from their mother and a big hug to take care of everything that ails them.

And flying on a plane without me?  What if they have to go to the bathroom?  What if they are thirsty?  Hungry?  Tired?  Antsy?  Who will take care of them?

And what if they get to camp and their bed is not in just the right place?  Too close to the bathroom?  Too close to the door?  Not near a nice friend?  Too sunny or buggy?  Too far from the counselor?  Top bunk?  Bottom bunk?  What if their counselor isn’t nice?  Acne?  BO?  Tattoos? Piercings?  What what what ifffffff………

Well, they got on the plane and they didn’t look back.  I wouldn’t leave the airport for 30 minutes because what if there was mechanical trouble with the plane and they turned around and they needed me?  They would be looking for their mommy, I’m sure nervous and in need of a hug.  I had to wait.  It is my job to be their perfect mommy.

Thirty minutes went by and the plane didn’t return.  Wow!  Now what?  The house is empty. What am I supposed to do?  There is no one to cook for, clean for, schlepp for, hug, yell at, encourage, ignore…..  The only person in the house is me.

Me…. hmmm….. Interesting concept.  Me.  What should I do for me?  Nothing?  I can do nothing?  Wow!  What does that even mean?  Sit quietly and read the newspaper?  Make a date with a girlfriend?  Try to cook something that doesn’t include ketchup?  Have a glass of wine for lunch time?  Have dinner with my husband without rushing out of the house?  Peace?  Quiet?? Do you think the kids are okay?

Week three and the summer is in full swing…

It’s three in the afternoon and I come in from being at the pool, enjoying the wonderfully sunny day.  The mailman arrives with a letter from each of the kids.  I read the letter, enjoy their very short stories, and go back out to the pool with my favorite summer read.  Me….. me…..

My kids are happy, hubby is in heaven because I have time for him and I get to pay attention to ….

Me…. me….. me….



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