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So, I owe a BIG ass apology to my new hubs. Apparently, I may have nodded off for several seconds the other night during sex.  Yes, you read that right, I unintentionally (totally makes a difference) fell asleep.  Now, as you can imagine, it’s not going over well with the love of my life.

Before we go any further, I have to say, our sex life is awesome. And no, I’m not just saying that because we are newlyweds.  Sex is one part of our relationship where we just “clicked” right away.  And I know, everybody likes sex and you are probably thinking big deal; who doesn’t have hot, crazy monkey sex in the beginning of a relationship?  But the thing is, we have been together over 5 years and are still having hot, crazy monkey sex.  It’s quite fabulous actually.

So umm…back to my conundrum. I am not excusing my falling asleep during sex in any way, but… it happens right? I seriously cannot be the only one who has done it.  And yes, my girls are older.  So it’s not like I’m running my ass around chasing down unruly toddlers who have nothing on their mind except bringing down the mommy empire.  And God I cannot believe this is going to come out of my mouth after only being married for like 3 damn weeks… but… sometimes life gets in the way of great sex.  There are times I am just to freakin tired for sex… like our wedding night.  For the record, there is a difference in being too tired and just plain ole not wanting it… and I am nowhere near the latter.

Oh… we are still waiting for the part where I apologize to the hubs. To the sexy, wonderful, I can’t keep my hands off you love of my life… please don’t take me briefly nodding off during sex personal. It in no way reflects anything other than me having a momentary lapse of… well… me being me.  It’s no secret that some days if I am in a vertical position for longer than mere seconds, I am totally passing out into slumber land.  After all, it’s not like being up at the ass crack of dawn, carpooling to work with the brother-in-law, actual work, fighting rush hour traffic both ways, grocery shopping, making dinner, somehow managing laundry and everything else in between should make me tired right?  Sex is still very much a priority on those days…Maybe just try propping me in an upwards position first.

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