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Shh. The Power of Introverts

The amazing Susan Cain says introverts are now treated the way housewives were in the fifties. In a world where everything is played out in public as an introvert is seems increasingly difficult to position yourself to shine.

How do you display your genius, your strengths, your ambition and determination when you would rather go to the dentist than do a Facebook Live? How is anybody going to see you, or hear you when you’re not posting pictures of every moment of your day on Instagram?

When we are increasingly being told to “put yourself out there” and “be authentic” to get ahead fighting our natural instinct which causes us distress and self-doubt.

Or does it? I’m going to state right here – quietly – that those other people; you know the extroverts who seem to NEED to jump up and down and make lots of noise to prove how good they are at everything might believe we’re desperately wishing we could be like them, but we’re NOT.

We KNOW that being shy doesn’t mean we have no confidence. I would argue us introverts are more at peace with ourselves. More confident. More self-assured and accepting. We sit back, quietly contemplating that problem that needs to be solved while the extrovert jumps up and down, types LOUDLY on their laptop, makes lots of very LOUD phone calls to demonstrate how hard they’re working. They glance across at you, sat quietly in the corner, NOT typing, NOT talking wondering how you can get away with doing NOTHING.

You sit back and listen as they enthusiastically wave their arms around and tell everyone how to solve the problem. This is when we shine. This is where you and I smile, raise our hand and calmly, quietly, slowly explain why that solution won’t work and present the one we came up with – you know while we were sitting quietly doing NOTHING.

I am an intuitive empath. I am very introverted. I have the gift of the full spectrum of dyslexia. I do not think there’s a coincidence here. I believe I am intuitive and empathic BECAUSE I am an introvert. My natural disposition to sit back quietly and observe allows me to watch and read people. See the woman with perfect hair and make-up delivering a ‘perfect’ presentation, head high, voice projecting? While everyone else is watching her perform, I’m looking at the sadness in her eyes. I notice her shoes are scuffed because she’s so busy performing throughout life she doesn’t have time to clean them or get them fixed. See how perfect her hair looks? Mine NEVER looks like that! Why? Life is so unfair. Or it could be because I don’t actually own a hairbrush. It could be because I know my worth and my value. I know that I change people’s lives. I know that I am pretty awesome. Most importantly if you’re the one looking at me thinking “Jeez- does she EVER look in a mirror!?” I’m looking right back at you smiling to myself and KNOWING that if that’s what you’re judging me on, I don’t have space for you in my life. I surround myself with real, authentic people who don’t judge. I know that whatever you’re judging me on is your biggest fear of being judged on. I know you don’t have my absolute confidence in yourself. The smile I send you is genuine and conveys my love and desire to help you love yourself.

I want to – well I was about to stand up and say shout this from the rooftop! I will stay true to who I am. I want to sit here at my laptop and say in my softly spoken voice that you do not need to prove who you are to anyone. Be happy with who you are and the people that don’t like or accept you will leave your life and make way for the people who are inspired and impressed by you.

You CAN be authentic, transparent, honest, successful and determined without raising your voice or your hand. It is OKAY to enjoy being with a big group of friends and then need to go home and meditate or take a long bath to balance yourself. It is OKAY to be absolutely happy spending Saturday night home alone reading a book if that’s what you want to do. Be grateful you like yourself that much.

We need all kinds of people in our lives and in our world. We accept it’s wrong on every level to judge someone because of their race, faith or cultural identity. Now let’s stop judging people who live their lives with the quiet power and brilliance of Introversion.

If you would like help to unleash your power and your voice- quietly- connect with me and I will lead you gently out of your comfort zone and into your brilliance. I KNOW it’s there.


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