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Sit Down, Ms. Offended…

While scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, I felt anger. Anger I feel a lot while scrolling. Anger at a society of people offended by everything. I have grown so weary of seeing “bad role model” and “what are we teaching our daughters?”

I set the standard for my daughter. I show her what a strong female role model is. I teach her how to think for herself and do for herself. I show her by EXAMPLE. I do not expect the world to bend and soften for her. Come at her head on and let me, HER MOTHER, equip her with the skills needed to challenge life.

I, like most, have had my share of trials. My mother did not pick my life for me. She also didn’t shelter me and for that I feel very grateful. I feel sorry for those that were. Where I have been blind sided, I was still raised with a thick skin and strong back to carry the load and THAT is one thing of mine I pray I pass on to my daughter. Stand up. Fight for it. Don’t you dare ever give up. Not “oh, let me shield you from reality.” That’s not life. Life doesn’t care.

I propose this. Instead of taking the time to write a 6 page blog about why a certain brand of clothing should be boycotted for conforming to “society standards” or why Taylor Swift and her relationship perils are a reason to not like her, take the reins and teach YOUR girl to say fuck that. Allow her to learn from you. Show her what it means to be a strong woman. An independent woman. Allow her to see actions instead of strongly worded emails. “They say you can’t, and that’s why you have to.” I will not blame a celebrity or society for setting a bad example for my child, when MY influence is so much bigger and more important. It’s called accountability, which is yet another important life lesson for my Junior.

I am light years away from a perfect mother. I do not wish to be. I’m real. I mess up and I learn. I want my daughter to want to be like me. Just better.

(Gorgeous artwork provided by Amanda Lutz and can be found, purchased and inquired about on AmandaLutzArt.com . Amanda also creates amazing murals for businesses and homes! )

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