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Social Media – 80s Style

I loved growing up in the 80s –  The movies, the music, the “fashion” trends, the hair.  It was a great time to be a teenager.  It seemed like a simpler time, but that’s most likely because I wasn’t a grown-up yet! And no social media probably helped a bit too.  I’m quite thankful for that – and I really don’t envy my children as the first generation that is growing up with the boom of Social Media.

So what would Social Media been like if we had it in the 80s?  If we were able, what would we have posted?  What would we talk about?

Let’s check in and tell everyone where we are, how we feel and what we’re doing….

  • Melissa checked in at the Library.  Doing research for my social studies paper.  Weeding through World Book, Britannica, Comptons, and Americana.  Wish I had these at home instead. #onlyrichpeopleownencyclopedias #mayneedtohitthecardcatalog
  • Melissa is at Madison Square Garden at the Chicago concert with Rachel.  First concert!! Chicago rocks!  I can’t believe they are 40 years old! Glad we’re catching them now because they will probably retire soon
  • Melissa is feeling frustrated.  Just drove around to 4 different Thom McAn’s looking for those cool shoes in my size.   Never found them. Wish there was an easier way to get them
  • Melissa checked in at Gimbels with mom and dad.   Getting a Swatch for the holidays! #stylin Thanks @mom and @dad
  • Melissa is watching MTV at Elizabeth’s house.  Video Killed the Radio Star!  #Youcansaythatagain @MTV ILYSM I could sit here all day watching music videos!
  • Melissa is feeling bummed with Suzanne, Larry and Steven. We just tried to get in to see #TheBreakfastClub and we’re turned away because we were too young. SMH. #RatedR
  • Melissa checked in at the movies watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High – with Michael and Stephanie.  And stayed for a second showing!  Thanks @Stephanie for being our adult.  #winning
  • Melissa checked in at Sherri’s Sweet 16.  Looking forward to seeing all my BFFs!  I wonder how many #freshwaterpearl bracelets or #sweet16charms @Sherri is gonna get! LOL
  • Melissa checked in at the Flea Market.  Here to buy a few Duran Duran buttons for my denim jacket.  #IloveJohnTaylor
  • Melissa is watching TV in her parent’s bed with mom and Julie.  Friday nights with the fam. #Dallas #FalconCrest #TGIF
  • Melissa is feeling sad.  I ran out of hairspray and Love’s Baby Soft
  • Melissa is on the bus traveling to Flushing, NY with Elizabeth, Michelle and Alison. Shopping with the girls!  ISO acid wash jeans, slouchie socks, leg warmers, and one of those Flashdance styled sweatshirts
  • Melissa checked in at Blockbuster.  Narrowed it down to two.  Choices are #StandbyMe or #Backtothefuture. The VCR is an amazing invention!
  • Melissa checked in at the Record Store.  Record or Tape? Just the 45 or whole album? #toomanydecisions

Instagram Style:

@Alison should we wear this to @Susan’s party?



I found the pants that I’ve been looking all over for! Only hit 7 stores before I found them in my size. #sohappy #dontbejelly



How many hours of my $3.35/hour job at the supermarket do I have work to buy one of these? #Iwantonesobad



Crap.  My #Keds got majorly dirty today!  Wash them or buy new?


Facebook Status or Tweet Style:

Home from the #firstdayofschool and going school supply shopping with dad!  Looking for a rad Trapper Keeper and some Erasermate pens.   An erasable pen HAS to be the best invention ever!

ISO the Cliff Notes to Call of the Wild.  My book report is due and I do not understand this book! #Ihopemyteacherdoesntseethis

Crowdsourcing! #BratPackBoys Who would you choose?  Robert Downey Jr, Rob Lowe, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Andrew McCarthy?  #RDJalltheway

#Neoncolors are amazeballs.  No way they ever go out of style

ICYMI The 1986 Mets are the world champs!  This team is so good!  They’ll be winning the World Series for the next 10 years for sure! #letsgomets #yankeeswho

IMHO leggings are the most comfortable pants.  Ever!!

How many different color Lees and LeTigre shirts does he have? LMAO #highschoolboys #noparachutepantsplease

IDBI! She is actually wearing her two-winged ankle bracelet on her ankle!  #fashionfauxpas Doesn’t she know you only wear that on a chain as a necklace?  #Lame

Why do TV shows end at 2am?  #StarSpangledBanner at 2am is creepy!  TV should run all night.  Someday I hope they do.  And more channels would be nice. #agirlcanhope

That #wheresthebeef lady cracks me up! LOL

#LaverneandShirley is ending!  At least we still have #HappyDays

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see the appeal of Alf.  #notfunny  And what’s with #TheSimpsons? This show will never last.

Going to see Dirty Dancing for the 4th time with @Cindy. I wish it didn’t take so long for movies to come out on videotape. #Nobodyputsbabyinacorner

Thank you @JohnHughes for the movies of our generation. Never stop! #Prettyinpink #Ferrisbuellersdayoff #weirdscience #16candles #thebreakfastclub #nationallampoonsvacation

Ah, the 80s ” – when “#” primarily mean the pound sign on a phone and @ simply meant “at.”  Here’s hoping this list brings back lots of fun memories and a smile to your face.  I know it did for me.

Melissa checked back in to the year 2016, but still thinks that #the80srule.

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