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The #DubChallenge Disappointment

I did the #dubchallenge before I even understood what it was. This is where we are as a society: we share without reading, skim headlines but ignore content, and participate without questioning.

This is what I saw of the #dubchallenge before innocently deciding to join in: you post a picture of yourself in your youth and a picture of yourself in the present, glammed up a bit.

Sounds and looks harmless, right? Yeah, I thought so too. Sadly, it may be bit darker than it seems on the surface. Apparently, the idea behind this challenge is to post UGLY DUCKLING pictures of yourself as a child and with your current photo, you are to tell the story of your beautiful and magical swanlike transformation.

Does it send the message that we should be thankful for our present state, because “gosh look how awful we were way back then…?”

Is it liberating? Does it encourage those who are presently going through an awkward adolescent stage with a “Hey chin up buttercup, it gets better!” type of message?

I have to be honest, my heart sank a little when I realized that I’d joined in on something I wasn’t so sure I agreed with. Shame on me for blindly playing along, right?

So what’s the lesson here? Do I appreciate the dubchallenge for what it is? Am I disgusted by its hidden agenda? Do I take down my own dubchallenge post? What’s the recovery tactic for just jumping onto a bandwagon with no clue about its destination?

One thing I do know for sure: I was a cutie then and I’m a cutie now. More than anything else, I hope everyone else joining in on the dubchallenge feels the same way about themselves. Besides, the outward transformation has got nothing on the growth we’ve all experienced on the inside, from one photo to the next. Hmmm…a challenge the reflects inner growth…now how the heck do I hashtag that?!

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