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The Freshman 10…. 15…. 20…..

As I complete the 40th anniversary of my freshman year, I am about to return home with the same feelings as I did when I came back for Thanksgiving my freshman year of college.  Returning home to my very wonderful and svelt family, I now had to face the mirror that was home…. carrying a few extra pounds, well more than a few extra pounds, that I didn’t bring with me when I left for college.

Wait.  I’m not returning home from college!

I’m a grown woman returning home after being in the beautiful weather up north and returning to the wonderful heat and humidity of South Florida.

And yet, as I return home, and am going to face the mirror of my youth, I have the same sense of dread and reality that I did my freshman year of college.  I left a little bit lighter and returning a little bit heavier.

I will preface this conversation by saying…. I AM NOT FAT!!!  I am simply average.  Just average. I am height challenged at a whopping 5’1″ with an extra inch or two layer evenly distributed throughout my entire body.  Healthy, athletic, happy and whole.  And yet….

Returning home always brings the feeling of personal judgement.   When I was younger, I could not return home.  The personal judgement was too great and I could not face myself in the mirror of home.  I searched for my independence, my freedom, my own place in the world without the “personal judgement” of home.  Thank goodness I found the strength and self value to return home.  There is nothing greater than a loving family.

And…. there is nothing greater than going out on your own and recognizing…. there is nothing greater than a loving family!  Great experiences, great adventures, many I am not prepared to share!!!

But, home I go, with my freshman 5-10!!  Happy, healthy and so excited to hug my parents, my kids and my sibs!  As said in my fave movie…. “There’s no place like home!”

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