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The Lessons That I Learn From My Kids



As a mom, I have spent the last 19 years working hard on raising kind, understanding, moral, interested, upstanding citizens. I have tried to mold my kids personalities to include the obvious and not so obvious traits that will serve them well in the world we live in. Not only teaching them the traits and lessons that have served me well, but also trying to teach them to be the person that I strive to be without my own flaws and short comings.

I have been reflecting upon and evaluating my success and/or progress as a mom. I have come to realize that both of my teenagers have qualities that I strive to have. I believe that in being a parent, you learn just as much from your kids as they learn from you. Just different lessons at different times and stages as you both grow through lifes’ many experiences.

When I think of role models who I admire, the people who come to mind based on character and behavior are that of my son and daughter. My daughter always has a pleasant disposition, is kind, patient, and caring. I cannot always say the same about myself. I too am kind and caring, but sometimes I get a bit heated and jump too quickly into a response or reaction. It is my instinctive protective mode that gets ahead of rational thinking and patience. This lesson tends to be more of a do as I say, not do as I do example that she has passed with flying colors. She always strives to do her best, handles disappointment with grace, and takes everything in stride. Even under pressure she doesn’t get cranky or short on patience. She is always open to go somewhere fun and try new things. I try to take her actions and follow by example.

I also consider myself to be very lucky to have the relationship that I do with my teenage son. We are very similar, both type A personalities. He has some very eclectic interests that give him an open mind for learning and discovery. He is not scared to wander into new and unfamiliar territory and welcomes new knowledge and perspectives on a range of topics and issues. I often fall into a routine and feel most comfortable in a familiar pattern. He encourages me to explore new options and see what happens. He is very respectful and patient of others and their ideas. He supports out-of-the-box thinking and interests. I am always amazed at the things that he is interested in doing.

I am so proud to have children that I aspire to be like when I grow up. They have both mastered traits that I have taught them, as well as excelling in areas that I work on being consistent with myself. Even as I reread this article, I have a smile on my face. It is there because I am proud of who my children are, where they are headed, and because I know that I had something to do with who they are even though I might not have all of the qualities that come easy to them. I am always open to learning these lessons from them. Parenting is learning on a two way street.

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