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The Pigsty Pinterest Built

A few months ago my son spotted these apple pie roses on a Pinterest post that was circulating Facebook and he challenged me to make them, which I did, for days and days and in all sorts of ways. I should have known they’d eventually find Pinterest.

I think I should have disconnected us from social media right then and there. I’ve always been a craft store junkie. I’m that weirdo walking around Hobby Lobby taking pictures of all the things “I could just make at home”… which is exactly half of the reason I just deleted 3,170 pictures from my phone! (I’ll blame the other half on my kids. They’re above average in both cuteness and “omg did they really just do that?”!)

I have about 40 photo albums/ scrapbooks, which my kids make fun of me for making, but then they sit around and show their friends all the pictures I meticulously cut out and placed on each page. Then there’s my sewing. I used to make my daughter so many dresses and cheerleading outfits and even a wedding gown for playing dress-up. For my boys, I made pajamas, boxer shorts, tooth fairy pillows, baseball curtains and Texas Longhorn blankets. I slacked off for a few years, but then here came news of a grandbaby, and I made pink leopard and music note bedding and curtains and pillows and dresses. I’ve whipped up shower curtains, fabric books, pillows with hidden pockets for kids to hide things, and couch cushions.  All of this started way before Pinterest.

2015-04-30 23.00.18 2015-10-20 09.21.01 2015-10-20 09.21.10

Then I had a bed frame I wanted to make into a “couch” and things started to get out of hand.

TiffPhone5-16 2850

We started looking at “pallet wood projects” online. Then I bought my own drill, and a skill saw. Then my son-in-law got the fever. He started texting me things we could make. I started changing those ideas around. We came up with more.

2016-03-17 11.40.32

We made a guitar into a shelf and a guitar case into a coffee table and some pallets into wine racks.

TiffPhone5-16 3105

That’s when the mess really began. All of the sudden everyone wanted to build something. I’d look outside and the lumber yard was multiplying in the middle of my lawn. To be fair, my husband killed the grass long ago, but still, I almost had something growing back.


But I won’t even dare to complain, because suddenly everyone is working together! Tucker went three days without a video game. Three days, people! This is EPIC.


Before I knew it everyone was building something. Well, everyone except KK. She was making mud pies. But hey, I’m sure we could pin that somewhere on Pinterest.


Then I started making baseball shelves and the boys were busy making swords and shields.

TiffPhone5-16 3153 TiffPhone5-16 3137

I’m amazed and the things they decided to create, and how they worked together to bring their creations to life. I’m also amazed that no one has poked an eye out. My twelve-year-old built a bench strong enough for some super-sized people to sit on it. He didn’t have instructions or guidance, he just had a warning. “Don’t cut your fingers off, we don’t wanna wait in line at the Emergency Room tonight”. That turned out to be all the direction he needed in using power tools.

TiffPhone5-16 3140 TiffPhone5-16 3159

I’m pretty impressed with all the new things floating around our house. Of course this morning I woke up to a pile of burning wood in the front yard. It seems that the hubby only likes to see cars all over the yard. Scrap wood must be removed promptly. I can’t really see the dining room table, because I still have things to paint and signs that needs sparkles glued to them, but this is the Pigsty Pinterest built, and while it’s quite the mess, we built more than a few memories to sit on our bench and think about!

The kids want to go to Big Bend when school lets out. Maybe we can sell wine racks and baseball shelves on Etsy and take them for a little drive. I’m thinking you shouldn’t use GoFundMe just to go on a vacation…

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